Instagrammable Spots on Campus

It’s almost the end of the semester – yay! With summer break coming up, and spring in full bloom, OUr campus couldn’t be more beautiful. Whether you’re taking senior pics (congrats, grads!) or just some springy selfies, here are some of our most Instagrammable spots on campus. 📸

Our stadium is beautiful year round, but sometimes we forget to take in all of its beauty when it’s not football season. Even though you might not be able to get that Kyler Murray selfie, you can still get a gorgeous pic this spring.

The South Oval is huge, and when the weather is nice, it’s full of people having picnics, playing stickball or walking their dogs. With the bright green grass and lovely crimson and cream flowers, it’s a great spot to hang out and take a few pics.

The Gazebo is another one of our favorite places! Located right next to Couch Center, it’s a convenient place to hang a hammock with some friends and chill out. There are plenty of places for a photo op on the stairs, inside the gazebo or even standing in front of it.

A classic location for pictures is right in front of Bizzel, our library. Our lovely library has some of the most impressive architecture on campus, making it the perfect place to take a photo in your cap and gown or your best crimson dress (but you probably knew that already).

Photo tip: if there are too many people in front of the Biz, try Evans Hall. It has the same iconic architecture and is typically way less crowded.

Our absolute favorite spot on campus is the ivy wall and garden between Evans Hall and the Bizzell Memorial Libary. This wall is a popular spot for headshots and grad photos, and it’s easy to see why. Although a lot of people know about it, it’s usually not too crowded. Bonus: it’s usually quiet and you can easily find a bench and get lost reading a book.

Our last location today is the Brickwalk Alley in Cross. Although this spot isn’t full of trees and hammocks, it’s a different kind of beautiful. The orangey-red brick, a blue sky and some twinkly lights make for a unique campus picture with lots of charm. After you’re done with your photoshoot, make sure to grab some gelato inside. Oh, and this place is unique because it looks even better at night, but you’ll have to find out yourself!

The University of Oklahoma has a beautiful campus, and pretty much anywhere you stand is optimal for a great photo. We couldn’t fit every single place into this list, but this is a good start if you want to add a bit of OU to your Instagram.

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