Meet the Staff: Francesca Harrell

Job: Academic Advisor

Hometown: Kearney, Nebraska

Education: University of Nebraska-Kearney Class of 2008 – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication & Design, OU Class of 2012 – Master in Human Relations


Favorite OU Memory: There are so many! One of my favorites was taking my best friend’s daughter to watch her parents participate in Alumni Band over homecoming weekend. She was 1 ½  at the time and was getting so excited about the music. Based on her clapping skills during the Fight Song (Boomer Sooner), she has potential to join the Pride in a few years. Homecoming weekends in general are fun.

Favorite Spot on Campus: I love the view from the Dean’s Office Conference room looking across campus!

Favorite Norman Restaurant: Tough one – there are so many local places I love, but O’Asian Fusion is the first coming to mind.

Favorite Thing to Do in Norman: Attending free festivals & concerts – Norman Music Festival, Medieval Fair, Chocolate Festival, Summer Breeze concerts, May Fair, and I’m probably forgetting a few…

One Thing You Wish You Would’ve Known as a Student: “Free” typically means you’ve already paid for it in fees, so take advantage of events, tutoring, movie nights, ect!

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