2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 3

January 6, 2020

As Katelyn Ashcraft explains, today the learning took place in a classroom rather than out in the city. As she says, we met local students and faculty, performed some tests in a campus lab, and had an introductory lecture from Dr. Teodoriu. What she didn’t include is how tired we all were by the end of the day.

OU Mewbourne Romania Group

We began day 3 as usual; with a full breakfast at the hotel. We didn’t need to be at the university until 2:30pm, so everybody had plenty of time to sleep in, eat breakfast and lunch, workout at the nearby gym, go shopping, or just hang out in the lobby. It was nice to have some R&R after the full first weekend.

Today was the first day of class at “Universitatea Petrol-Gaze Din Ploiesti.” We had a nice introduction and crash course by the recent PhD graduate, Ibrahim, who taught us what we should know about the composition, properties, and testing of steel. We used three different machines to test the properties of steel, including hardness, strength, and impact energy. The bottom left picture is the machine that used centrifugal force to bend a bar of steel and measure impact energy. Class-time ended with a refresher course encompassing all of the components and operations of drilling to set us up for what we will learn in the next two weeks.


Impact Energy Machine

Impact Energy Machine

OU Mewbourne Romania

Model Derrick

OU Mewbourne Romania

Our Classroom


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