2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 6

January 9, 2019

In today’s report, Josh Dubiel tells us of another day filled with great food, lots of learning, and exploring the area. Luckily after class we had the help of a local friend to take us to a local hotspot for some quality dinner and conversation to cap off the long day.

OU Mewbourne RomaniaToday was the sixth day of our trip! We started out our day with our traditional Romanian breakfast at Hotel Yarus and then Dr. Catalin picked us up for the day. We had to fill up our van up with gas, which was actually really interesting because we got to see the price of gas, 2-to-3 times more than in Oklahoma.

Class began with a lab session in the electrical engineering department. It was cool to see that students get extensive hands-on experience through their program. While we were in the lab, one of the professors set up experiments relevant to what we were learning. This was really polite of him. It also showed how the Romanian people will go out of their way to be fantastic hosts and make sure we were comfortable and having a good time.

Following lab, we had class with the Romanian students that we have continually struck up good conversations with. Then Danilo, a Romanian graduate student our TA met on last year’s trip, took us to a German restaurant in downtown Ploiesti. It was amazing and authentic German cuisine. Several students splurged and tried the beer, brewed in house.

Following dinner, we then traveled by public transit back home with the help of Danilo. All around had a wonderful and educational filled day in Ploiesti!

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