MPGE Students Named as Finalists in BP Contest

MPGE students Madeline Bull, Amanda Knaup, and Charlie McDaniel, known as Team Blastoise, have been named one of seven finalists in BP’s Ultimate Fieldtrip Competition. Their project focuses on the Eagleford Shale region in Southern Texas–one of the driest places in the country. With increased drilling and production, along with hydraulic fracturing, the region has become even further dehydrated.┬áTeam Blastoise, though, has determined that by collecting and cleaning grey water from several municipalities spread throughout area, BP could fulfill not only its water needs but provide additional water for the Eagleford’s citizens; thus, lowering operating costs for BP and helping communities in need. The team will present their idea at the National Final April 9-10 in Houston. The winner will take a two week trip to BP’s Trinidad and Tobago headquarters to immerse themselves in BP’s business, share their ideas, and soak up the area’s rich culture and beauty. Congratulations, Team Blastoise, and best of luck!

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