Civan Retires

Dr. Faruk Civan came to OU in 1975 to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. In 1980, just two years after leaving, he returned as faculty, and has been teaching and inspiring countless petroleum engineers ever since. Civan’s personal philosophy is that one learns through teaching others, which is the driving force behind his career. His thirst for knowledge gave him breadth and depth when he applied it in the classroom. Throughout his time at OU, Dr. Civan has taught fifteen separate undergraduate courses and seventeen graduate courses, more than any other professor in the program. He has also advised and mentored numerous students and can count sixty-five thesis and dissertations completed under his tutelage.

His contributions to the industry spread outside of teaching. He is a respected and renowned professional in the oil and gas industry whose contributions have made a lasting impact on operations. He the author of two books; has published more than 330 technical articles in journals, edited books, handbooks, encyclopedia, and conference proceedings; presented world-wide at over 125 invited seminars/lectures at various technical meetings, companies and universities; and has been the recipient of more than 20 awards. Very few could surpass Civan’s record number of publications!

Above all else, Faruk Civan is well loved by students and colleagues. Here is a sampling of what others have had to say about him:

“Faruk Civan, a legend!” –Victor Soriano

“One of the most dedicated professors I have ever seen.” –Yijia Zhang

“A great professor and a gentleman.” –Wale Aderbiabe

“He has contributed significantly to petroleum engineering science, and is one of the most distinguished scientists of our country.” –Mustaf Onur

“The King of Formation Damage!” –Kamal Alali

We salute Dr. Civan for his dedication, generosity and achievements throughout his career. While we know the classroom will not be the same without you, we wish you well on your well deserved retirement. All the best to you, friend!

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