Faculty to Present at Conferences

Professors Carl Sondergeld and Chandra Rai, along with Assistant Professor Siddharth Misra and Research Associate Younas Dadmohmashi, have been invited to present their research work, Simultaneous Estimation of Intrinsic Permeability, Effective Porosity, Pore-Volume Compressibility, and Klinkenberg-Slip Factor of Ultra-Tight Rock Samples Based on Laboratory Pressure-Step-Decay Method, at the SPE Low Perm Symposium in Denver, Colorado May 5-6.

Misra has also been selected to present at the 57th Annual SPWLA Symposium in Reykjavik, Iceland June 25-29. He, along with collaborators from Schlumberger, will present Improved Interpretation of Phasor-Induction Logs in Pyrite- and Clay-rich Shale Formations.

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