Drilling and Completions at OU Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering taught by Catalin Teodoriu

A New Approach to Drilling and Completions

PE 4323, Drilling and Completions II, a senior level course in OU’s petroleum engineering curriculum, was taught by MPGE associate professor Catalin Teodoriu during the 2015 fall semester. This was Teodoriu’s first time teaching the course, and he introduced a new component to enhance the learning process, group oriented design projects. Students were asked to form teams, assign duties among team members and apply the knowledge gained throughout the course in order to plan a wellbore for a given scenario by using real field data and parameters. The outcomes of the project, together with a proposal including technical and financial factors, were presented by the team members at the end of the semester. Student feedback, despite the intensity of the work, was very positive, and participants remarked that this exercise allowed them to learn the course content in a more engaging and dynamic way. The teams that scored highest in their presentations were: The Panthers and Piggly Wiggly.

Team Piggly Wiggly for Drilling and Completions at OU

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