February Faculty Update

  • Assistant Professor Saeed Salehi sits on the Steering Committee and is the Finance Committee Chairman for SPE’s International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control to be held at Lafayette, LA February 24-26. While there, he will also be presenting his paper, SPE-179016: An Integrated Study of Mud Plastering Effects for Reducing Filtrate’s Invasion.
  • Salehi will also present a paper, SPE IADC-178793: Development of Geopolymer-based Cement Slurries with Enhanced Thickening Time, Compressive and Shear Bond Strength and Durability, at the 2016 IADC SPE Drilling Conference Exhibition and Conference to be held in Fort Worth, TX March 1-3. The IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition is the leading drilling event in the E&P world held annually.

  • Associate Professor Catalin Teodoriu, along with his student Adonis Ichim, will present two papers at the 41st Stanford Geothermal Workshop, February 22-24: Effect of Mud Filter Cake on Heat Transfer in Geothermal Wellbores, Catalin Teodoriu, Gioia Falcone, Niklas Romanowski, and Adonis Ichim; Influence of Cement Thermal Properties on Wellbore Heat Exchange, Adonis Ichim, Catalan Teodoriu, and Gioia Falcone.
  • Teodoriu has also been busy arranging an overseas course for MPGE students at the University of Oil and Gas of Ploiesti in Romania. He recently visited the school as a guest lecturer, and initiated an extensive cooperation proposal between the two universities that includes funding opportunities for OU students. Teodoriu’s course, Monitoring, Diagnosing and Maintenance of Drilling Equipment, will take place June 3-25. Students will have classroom teaching, as well as laboratory work in local facilities and visits to oil and gas companies. They will also take part in cultural activities such as visiting the mud volcanos, touring an oil mine, going to an oil museum, and taking in historic Bucharest.

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