StimPlan Workshop and Seminar Presented by Mike Smith

On March 4, A Hydraulic Fracturing and StimPlan Workshop was given by Michael Smith of NSI Technologies. The one day workshop, hosted by MPGE Assistant Professor Saeed Salehi, emphasized the multi-disciplinary nature of the StimPlan software by integrating reservoir engineering aspects with fracture mechanics and operational considerations, including state of the art fracturing concepts and practices, as well as solved case examples from challenges such as Australian tight gas wells, Gulf of Mexico frac pack completions, and North Sea tip screen out (TSO) treatments. The focus of the course was on hydraulic fracture and engineering methodology through the use of real world practical examples. 

Dr. Smith also gave a seminar later in the afternoon to faculty and students entitled,  Re-Fracturing: It’s Raining Money, Grab A Bucket (I.E. An Engineer!).  Smith has over 30 years experience in rock mechanics, well completions, and hydraulic fracturing, fracturing wells in 46 countries around the world. When he was with Amoco Production Company, he co-developed the framework for fracturing pressure analysis, which revolutionized fracturing technology. He was recently presented the SPE Lester C. Uren Award for his contributions to hydraulic fracturing technology.

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