Schlumberger Presents Miniature Rig Camp

On Friday, March 25, more than forty MPGE students took a break from studying to take part in a fun, yet intense, competition. AADE and WPGE collaborated to host Schlumberger’s Miniature Rig Camp led by Cody Carter, lead recruiter for Schlumberger. Participants were divided into seven teams of six, and tasked with building a miniature drilling rig out of various materials provided that ranged from popsicle sticks to small, electric motors. Each rig was then tested by drilling into a styrofoam block. The winning team, consisting of Silvia Goicochea Olano, Albert Heredia, Joshua Shelton, Afif Baadarani, Saket Srivastava and Shala Feizi Masouleh, drilled to a depth of 7.5 inches, which, according to Cody, was a new record!

IMG_8025 IMG_7929 IMG_7981IMG_7851

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