Romania: Day 4

Today’s contributor is Alex Romanyuk:

We started early today, driving to the neighboring town of Negoiesti, to visit two service companies. Local industry professionals met us at the first location, John Crane Production Solutions Inc. They are a leader in artificial lift systems (rod pump, PCP, and ESP) here in Romania, and they explained to us their products and the services they offer. Once we had our safety gear on, they showed us the workshop and demonstrated a variety of tasks that they routinely do.

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Afterwards, we met with KUDU, a company that also produces artificial lift systems but focuses only on PCP systems. We received a demonstration on the physics behind why PCP works and got to see how each PCP system is tested before being shipped to the client.


We then headed back to Ploiesti to begin our lab. For this lab, we were introduced to a unique machine designed at the university to test drill pipes, casing, and production tubing under a variety of conditions. The machine acts by pulling the tubing to produce tension while compressing it uniformly, simulating true working conditions.



We concluded the day with a lecture about vibrations and their effects on drilling efficiency as well as MSE, backing the course’s main focus of monitoring and diagnosing drilling equipment.


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