Maxine Weiss Research Presentation

MPGE Grad Students Place in Research Competition

Each year, OU’s Graduate College provides students the opportunity to present their current research to gain experience and to share with the OU community their excellence scholarship skills through participation in Graduate Student Research and Creativity Day (SRCD). This year’s event was held on Friday, February 24 in the Molly Shi Boren Ballroom of the Oklahoma Memorial Union.

Students were allowed to present their research through the use of portfolios, posters, slide and/or video or orally in the following categories: Education/Fine Arts/Humanities, Oral Presentation, Engineering, Science, Social Science and Video Presentation. With over sixty-five entrants, Graduate College declared SRCD 2017 a huge success.

Five MPGE graduate students showcased their research during the event, and two were awarded 2nd place for their presentations. Congratulations to Tito Henao, 2nd Place, Science and Felipe Perez, 2nd Place, Engineering.

MPGE’s students presented on:

  • Tito Henao, The Effect of Saturating Liquids on the Strength of Quarzitic Sandstones
  • Jocin James, Quantifying the Impact of Asphaltene Precipitation Uniformity in Altering Sandstone Reservoir Wettability
  • Felipe Perez, Adsorption of Methane in Kerogen Models Using Molecular Simulations
  • Silvia Rojas, Flow of Power-Law Fluid in a Partially Blocked Eccentric Annulus
  • Maxine Weiss, Wettability Optimation to Maximize Production from Retrograde Condensate Wells Using Simulation

Felipe Perez Research Presentation Silvia Rojas Research Presentation Tito Henao Research Presentation

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