Students Attend the 41st Geothermal Resources Council

Written by Zhi Ye, graduate research assistant for the Reservoir Geomechanics and Seismicity Group.

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), the world’s premier geothermal energy associations, held their 41st annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 1-4. This year attending the conference were MPGE professor Ahmad Ghassemi and four MPGE PhD students.

Zhi Ye, Lianbo Hu and Jianrong Lu, students from the OU Reservoir Geomechanics and Seismicity Research Group, presented papers on shear stimulation, hydraulic fracturing of large rock blocks under true-triaxial stress and analysis of microseismicity for characterizing reservoir stimulation, respectively.

Also attending was Kai Wang, a graduate student working with Dr. Xingru Wu. He presented a paper on downhole geothermal power generation.

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