MPGE Student Research Featured in Drilling Contractor Magazine

IADC Drilling Contractor Magazine recently interviewed Raj Kiran, a graduate research assistant working with Dr. Saeed Salehi, about his research. His research assessed the situational awareness and cognitive response in real-time of drilling professionals in the field using eye-tracking technology. The data generated is used to gain more insight into drilling operations and, ultimately, will use critical cues found in the research to make drilling operations safer. The research, Real-time Eye-tracking System to Evaluate and Enhance Situation Awareness and Process Safety in Drilling Operations, was published in the SPE paper (IADC/SPE-189678). In addition, the interview was on the potential for real-time eye-tracking to improve drillers’ situational awareness. His interview based on the research paper featured in May/June issue of drilling contractor magazine. Below is the link to the article: page 72.

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