MPGE Faculty and Students Present at 37th OMAE Conference

MPGE faculty and students attended the 37th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering in beautiful Madrid, Spain from June 16-23. Attending this conference has been a long-standing tradition for MPGE faculty and students, and this year Drs. Catalin Teodoriu and Saeed Salehi attended along with MPGE Ph.D. student, Raj Kiran.

Drs. Saeed Salehi and Catalin Teodoriu chaired and co-chaired the very first Human Factor-centered topic at the OMAE conference.

Their students presented a total of six papers at this conference. The papers will be soon available in the ASME proceedings series and are listed below:

  • Consideration of the Human Element in Well  Integrity Standards OMAE2018‑78275 Chad Shenold, Catalin Teodoriu, Saeed Salehi
  • Implementing Human Factors in Oil and Gas Drilling and Completion Operations: Enhancing Culture of Process Safety OMAE2018‑78431 Raj Kiran, Saeed Salehi, Catalin Teodoriu
  • Effect of Human Factor on OCTG Collapse Testing OMAE2018‑78732 Mihail Minescu, Catalin Teodoriu, Mihaela Caltaru, Marius Badicioiu
  • The Investigations of Two Analytical Heat Transfer Modelings to Predict the Temperature Profile in the Wellbore OMAE2018‑77550 Ming Feng, Catalin Teodoriu
  • Investigations on the Mud Pumps Valves Repair using Hard Metal Depositing by Welding OMAE2018‑78541 Marius Badicioiu, Mihaela Caltaru, Mihail Minescu, Catalin Teodoriu
  • Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Riser Gas Unloading Problem OMAE2018‑77719 Raj Kiran, Saeed Salehi

The next conference will be held in Glasgow, Scotland June 9-14, 2019.

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