I signed a lease today, therefore I am officially old–and I love it!  My freshman year I lived in the dorms-which I recommend because you meet so many wonderful people!  My freshman experience would have been very different if I had chosen to live somewhere else.  This year and the year before I have lived in the sorority house, which has been amazing since I have gotten to live with 78 of my best friends.  I am never alone, seriously no matter what time of day or night there is always someone up and willing to hang out.

Today I signed the lease on a loft for next year!  Yes, you might be thinking this is early, but the earlier you secure a loft the better location you get.  I get to live with my two best friends–Abby and Olivia.  Here is a pic of my new living room–Looking for a place to live next year was quite the task, but worth the wait!  I am in love with the lofts, but I looked at houses close to campus and at The Cottages of Norman!  I feel so old because I am now going to have a home to take care of, whereas in the house I have only had to clean a section of my room!  I am going to get to make my own food, do my own laundry, and clean my own house!!  I am ready for what my senior year will bring!

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