Hello Readers!
So here I am– a SURVIVOR of one of the most stressful weeks ever! Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday I had an exam in a class so my brain is officially fried. Actually, I am just relieved that it’s all over even though I was very anti-social for 3 days in a row, haha.
My psychology exam was on Monday and it went really well! Our professor actually posted our grades the other day and I found out I made an A which was VERY exciting! The first exams in every class are always the most stressful because you don’t always know the style of questions or the format for tests that your professor will follow. My other tests went pretty well and I’ll find out my grades for those next week!

Besides all my tests, I wanted to take some time and talk about Gamma Phi Beta, the sorority I’m in! I actually went through rush this year as a sophomore and I don’t regret it one bit! Not being in a sorority last year gave me time to find other organizations I love around campus and get adjusted to life as a college student! This year, though, I felt like it was great timing to go through formal rush and I’m SO glad that I did! Pledging Gamma Phi was one of the best decisions EVER and I’m seriously loving everything about it so far! Actually, our first date party is tonight and the theme is “Beaus and Belles.” So it’s kind of like Kentucky Derby or Southernish theme. I’m taking my friend Adam so it should be super fun– I feel like it’s high school dances all over again, which I was missing so it’s exciting! My friends and I are all meeting up and going out to dinner at BJ’s before, and then going back to the house to take pictures before we all leave for the date party! I’m really excited for it and I’ll definitely blog about the fun times 🙂 Besides the date party, homecoming is beginning to loom in the air (fun side note– my birthday actually is on homecoming this year so YAY!) and the pomping for our float has begun! If you’ve ever been to OU during homecoming you know how festive it can be! A lot of organizations on campus partner up to participate in the homecoming activities (actually, COMPETITION!)– like the pep rally dance, the float, the South Oval board, the alumni banners and on and on! 🙂 Every part gets judged and the group with the most points wins homecoming and gives you lots of bragging rights! We were partnered with Sig Ep last year and got 2nd overall! Sooo this year we all have ours set on the 1st place title! 🙂 I’m actually on the Gamma Phi Homecoming Executive Committee which is exciting because it’s been a really great way to get involved with the house.

Another fun thing that’s going on this weekend is a family friend from my hometown (Spring, TX…30 minutes north of Houston) is coming to visit OU!! She’s a senior this year and I’m SO excited to give her a personal tour of campus and show her my dorm room and our beautiful campus! Which reminds me! …If you’re thinking about coming to OU (which you SHOULD!!) you should definitely plan a trip to OU to come visit and go on a campus tour! I remember loving the campus tour that OU gave because it was very thorough and the tour guides are so informed and so approachable so it’s fun to ask them questions about campus or why they chose to come to OU. It’s fun to hear everyone’s stories about how they ended up coming to OU, but the amazing thing is how everyone ends their story by saying something along the lines of, “and I absolutely love it” or “and I’ve never regretted it for one second.” And if you’re a senior, plan on visiting Sooner Saturday 2010! It’s November 20th, which is right before Thanksgiving holiday, and it’s seriously going to be the greatest weekend for prospective students ever (besides Junior Day in the Spring, of course!)! Actually, a fun side note story about my Sooner Saturday experience…I was visiting Gaylord Hall (for journalism) and Gould Hall (for architecture) and I met this girl who was super sweet. However, since I was really dumb I didn’t even bother to get her name so we could keep in touch on facebook, but apparently our friendship was destiny because we re-met at the Baptist Student Union’s Pizza Bash they have the weekend before school starts and it was so crazy when we saw each other because we both recognized each other, but we couldn’t remember where we had seen each other! Haha it was so crazy! Soooo you never know who you’ll meet at Sooner Saturday: your future roommate, best friend, sorority sister or fraternity brother or a study partner!

Well, I got to get back to pomping AND get ready for the date party tonight! Talk to ya’ll later!

-Alanna 🙂

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