This past weekend 21 of my friends and I carpooled to Dallas to enjoy a fun filled weekend for the Red River Rivalry.  All of us went to the game together and had a blast.  I got the pleasure of eating my very first corn dog and let me say that we now have a relationship that will continue at every fair for the rest of my life!  OU/TX weekend is one of my favorite weekends in the whole year.  I get the best of everything–I get football, fall weather, fair rides, smack talk with Texas fans, the West End, sharing a hotel room with 7 people, and above all fried food!  I loved nothing more than walking around the fair eating my fried cookie dough, that cost me 12 tickets, yelling “Boomer Sooner Y’all” to every Texas fan that I saw; life just doesn’t get much better than that.

When I got back to Norman on Sunday the weather was perfect-70 and sunny!  This made me want to spend the whole day outside, so my friend Lauren and I went to TG Farm where they have a pumpkin patch and we picked out “Lionel” and “Peter”, our two huge pumpkins! We then brought them back to Gamma Phi Beta, where I live, and borrowed knives and spoons to carve them.  I modeled Peter after Jack in The Nightmare Before Christmas movie and Lauren just made a cool face and then added a special touch to the back of her pumpkin–an upside down longhorn!

The fun didn’t stop there though, we then went to Lauren’s house and roasted the pumpkin seeds.  The day after OU/TX weekend should be a day of rest, but it was entirely too beautiful outside to let the day go to waste.

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