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Wow, so I cannot believe how fast these past weeks have gone by! And I realized I haven’t blogged lately…my sincere apologies! So what have I been up to lately?! Oh you know, EVERYTHING! This past week wrapped up my second round of tests and they went well! 🙂 I also started my online History class this past week, which is adding to the craziness! However, one thing I will say while I’m on that note is how it is really nice to come in with as many credits (like from AP tests and the sort) as you can, so you can knock out your gen-eds as fast as possible! Unfortunately, I didn’t score high enough on the History AP test (hahaha OH WELL!) so instead of taking it at OU, I just decided it probably be easier and cheaper to take an 8-week online courese through my community college back home. So yeah, I’ve been reading up on Native Americans and all the European settlers this past week– how fun.
In addition to school work, though, I’ve been busy with Gamma Phi festivities! This past Thursday some friends and I went to go watch the annual University Sing show. If you aren’t familiar with it, basically fraternities and sororities pair up and there is an overall theme to the show and you choose a storyline to fit that theme. You then make a 12-minute song and dance performance over Parent’s Weekend and after the last show on Saturday night, the judges award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well as other awards like “Crowd Favorite,” “Best Costumes,” “Best interpretation of the theme,” and so on. This year, the U-Sing theme is “Prequels,” so explaining what happened before a familiar story and event we already know. Gamma Phi was paired with Delta Upsilon and our prequel was about how Mickey and Minnie met and became “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Needless to say, it is absolutely PRECIOUS and all of our performers did such a great job!  Some of the other shows were about how Willy Wonka got into the candy factory business; how the S.S. Minnow got into the bad storm and wrecked on Gilligan’s Island; and how there used to be 4 Musketeers and why there’s now only 3! It was such a great show and it’s fun to see all of the creativity and work that all of the houses put into their shows!

Hmm…what else has been going on?! Well, there’s no need to mention our sad loss to Texas A&M last weekend… 🙁  We’ll just say that last weekend was the most depressing so far this semester.

Oh! Something exciting that’s coming up with Gamma Phi is our annual Chili Cook-off! We’re having it this Wednesday and I’m so excited for it! Basically, sororities, fraternities, and other campus organizations come up with their best chili recipe for the competition. All of us Gamma Phi’s sell tickets and all of that money we raise goes toward our philanthropy– the United Way of Norman. It’s a come and go type of event and everyone will come and taste/sample everyone’s chili. And this year we are having the (drumroll please…) OU MEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM come to be the official judges for all of the chili competitors! It will be SO awesome and such a fun night for everyone!
Well, that about wraps up what’s been going on lately for me! Now, I have to go finish up some homework before the Colorado game tonight!

And I CANNOT wait for Sooner Saturday 2010! It’s less than a month away and if you haven’t signed up to come, go check out all the information at go2.ou.edu! It will be the best weekend of your prospective student life! Haha!

Boomer Sooner Love,

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