Hello Everyone!

Well, Thanksgiving break is (unfortunately) over and it is time for the longest, tiring, most stressful time of the year during the most wonderful time of the year! Why must Christmastime and finals have to collide?!

My Charlie Brown Christmas tree is set up in my room, though, with a star on top that absolutely dominates. It’s really awesome. But anyway, finals are approaching around the corner and even though I’m excited for the semester to be over, I have to be honest– it’s pretty bittersweet. I know, I know, I’m only a sophomore but STILL! College is going so fast and I need it to slow down because I’m certainly not ready to be one semester closer of being done! You’re probably thinking how high school flew by, well college is like the fast forward button on the 16x faster option! Despite the cheesy-ness of that example, it’s true.

Anyway, my Thanksgiving was so great. In addition to eating 3 days worth of food in 1 and 1/2 hours time, it was so nice to chill out at home. Although I didn’t wake up at an ungodly hour of the early morning for Black Friday, I did join the rest of America at a normal time to get in the fun and check out those deals…which my new pairs of boots and I are very happy about 🙂 Furthermore, on Saturday night I experienced 27  heart attacks while watching  the Bedlam game (heart attacks due to the last 5 minutes, of course). By the way, bedlam was the most fitting description for this game! And if you don’t know what bedlam means (don’t worry, I had to look it up on dictionary.com too…) just go check out the link to the definition. But the Sooners prevailed and I am SO excited for this upcoming Saturday!! Another thing I love about Thanksgiving is getting to run into people at the airport. It never fails (being from Houston) that there is atleast one person I know on my flights during our holiday breaks. This year, two of my Gamma Phi sisters were on my flight coming back to Norman (which we hadn’t planned!) and a couple other friends from school. That’s why I love being out of state…even the airport is made fun during one of the craziest travel days of the year when the security people make you take out the stupid bobby pins in your hair that are setting off the detector (yes, that DID happen…).

On a completely unrelated note, I caught up on all of the Glee episodes I’ve been missing lately over Thanksgiving break, and I decided that’s going to be my incentive for studying these remaining weeks. I caught up on the FOUR (I know, I know it’s embarrassing…) I’ve missed, so, needless to say, I officially re-addicted myself. If I don’t study, Glee will not be on my television on Tuesday nights. And that’s that.

That’s one tough thing when you get to college…learning self-discipline (and time management). Because we all know that telling ourselves we need to study and actually studying are completely different. I have to remind myself that my test isn’t over people’s facebook statuses, it’s over Chapters 11 and 12 of my Spanish book…so why am I on my friend’s sister’s roommate’s profile?! Okay, so I’ve never been that creepy, but I’ve definitely ended up on facebook when I was planning on “just checking my emails.”

So, how was your Thanksgiving break? How is your semester going as your classes are winding down? How are college applications going…better yet, how’s your OU application going?! Do you have any questions because if so, any of the bloggers would love to help you! We write for YOU so if anything sparks your interest, ask away!

Well, thanks for putting up with the most unorganized blog ever. For now, I’m off to my Pandora Christmas radio station (that I would highly recommend to anyone) and Spanish vocabulary! Boomer Sooner! 🙂

Sooner Love,

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