So right now it is the Sunday before finals week…I should be studying, and well, I have been, I swear, but I needed a break!  This past Monday, I had the opportunity to go to a holiday party at President Boren’s home!  We had a lovely holiday dinner and then caroled with the Papa B; he even sang with us so it was quite fun!  This holiday party got me in the mood for break and the Christmas season!

Last week was dead week. Dead week is a week where teachers are not supposed to assign new material or have anything due that is worth a certain percentage of your grade so that you can prepare for finals week. I usually go to the library to study, but this year for finals I have been studying at the National Weather Center — it is amazing! In all actuality, I have tried to not tell many people about my love for the Weather Center so that it does not become more populated.  I have spent at least 6 hours here every day since dead week began! I have a new love for the soloist piano station on Pandora; in fact is the only thing that is holding me together this finals week! I have also spent a ton of time testing different grade scenarios.  I have checked each class to see what I have to do in order to keep my A, or to see how bad I could do to keep a B.  I have also done the math on how my grades this semester will affect my overall GPA.  This is something that I have become a pro at while at OU.

I wanted to let you all know that while dead week and finals are not my favorite things, they are indeed fun!  I have gotten to have so much bonding time with my friends.  I also learned how to rap the lyrics to a song (I can’t really rap them, but it made everyone laugh)!  I have eaten fast food at least once, if not more, a day.  7/11 is my favorite gas station because they now know my name and what I like.  The Weather Center security guards no longer check my ID and they even feel comfortable enough to ask me to bring them back food!  The not fun things that happen this week are the annoying people who see that you are intently studying and still decide that it would be okay if they “catch up” with their friends.  Also, cumulative finals are NEVER fun!

Well, I just wanted to remind all of you prospective students that if you guys ever have any questions to please ask them! I remember not knowing where to go to college during Christmas time of my senior year, but that is a great time to sit down and go over the pros and cons to each school that you are thinking about attending!  If anyone needs some pros for OU let me know because I could list about 92,578,493,752,894,629,034 million!

I am going to get back to studying!

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