By this time last year, I was 100% a Sooner! I had everything finished and I was ready to go! I was counting down my last days as a Kansan before I officially moved to the Sooner State. One thing that I looked forward to a lot was dorm life! I couldn’t wait to find out who I would be living with and how I was going to decorate my side of the room!

This is my room! (Yes, for those of you looking at the TV, I’m watching the Masters! My TV is generally on ESPN or the game!) I’m big on black and white, so I went with black, white and a pop of color. At first, my accent was Tiffany Box Blue, and then after Christmas break I decided to switch it to apple green. That lasted a little less than a week, because I found a crimson pillow (the one in the middle) at Target that I had to have! So I switched my apple green accessories to crimson and I have stuck with it!

I have a lot of throw pillows on my bed so I can use it as a couch (a body pillow works just as well). It makes for extra seating without buying a futon or chair that just takes up space in your dorm. It’s perfect for watching TV or just hanging out, and it makes the room look fun and festive!

You can’t nail things into the wall (you will be fined if you do!), so to hold my posters up I used double sided tape and stuck them to the walls. They haven’t fallen yet and it’s April, so I’m not too worried. One roll did all of my posters, my cross and the letters on the outside of my closet (I’ll show you later!). Plus, I had enough left over for my roommate to use it for her posters. It’s a cheap investment that will do the same job as a nail, without getting you a fine!

Storage, storage, storage. You will never have enough of this in college! Trust me! The drawers under my bed come in every room. I couldn’t figure out where else to put them, so I put them under my bed! They fit perfectly! I had enough room to put my printer underneath, books, extra shoes, blankets, and a box that holds my winter clothes during the fall and spring, and my summer clothes during the winter!

Also, to organize my jewelry and scarves, I used Command hooks on the inside of my closet doors and hung everything on those. On the other door I have everyday jackets and coats. It works great for those items that I use every day or don’t have a place for! I also have plastic storage bins in the top of my closet to keep things organized. I have cleaning supplies in one, my laundry stuff in another, and medicine/first aid kit in another. It keeps things organized and makes them easy to find.

If you look under my desk in the first picture, you will see a plastic storage bin with three drawers. I have two of those, one that goes under my desk and one that I use in the bathroom. (I’ll post a picture of the bathroom below!) They work great for keeping things off of your desk or shelf in the bathroom. I use the one under my desk for printer paper, extra school supplies and odds and ends that I don’t want on top of my desk. The one in the bathroom holds extra shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and other shower items, my hair dryer and straightener, and then all of the stuff that I use to get ready. It’s great because each person in the suite gets a shelf in the bathroom. Maybe a guy can fit everything on that shelf, but no one in my suite can! We each have one of these containers.

It’s kind of messy, but what do you expect when you have four girls sharing one bathroom?! You can see the four shelves and how they are just not enough! We all have a storage container that keeps us organized and separated. Also, over the side of the wall by the sink, we’ve used an over-the-door hanger to hang our towels up. It works great and keeps it out of our way in the morning when we are all trying to get ready for class.

We have organizers in the shower as well! I have one that hangs on the curtain rod, my roommate has corner shelves, one of my suitemates has one that hangs from the shower head, and then the other suitemate uses the corners. It works so well because no one has to figure out who’s shampoo is whose. The more organized you are in a dorm, the better! It’s just a small space and there’s a very good chance that four girls living in one area will have the same things! It can get confusing if it’s all in one place, but if you keep it organized and separated it makes life easier.

This is the last picture that I  have! It’s the outside of my closet. If you can’t tell by all of my pictures, I LOVE to decorate. I couldn’t leave my closet doors bare! I have collapsible black storage bins on the top of my closet. One has cereal, another has snack foods, and the other has trash bags, paper towels and extra things like that in it. I’ll say it over and over again: storage is so important in a dorm room! Use every place possible to store things, just be organized so you can remember where you put it!

A friend made my JW, and then I made FAITH. It was very simple, I just bought the letters and some scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby and used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the letters. Then I used an exacto knife to cut off the excess and presto! All done! I stuck them on with the double stick tape and absolutely love how it turned out! I also bought a spool of thick black ribbon and taped it to the inside of my closet to keep it from falling off. Then I used binder clips (I had to look it up to see what they were called! Haha) to clip my pictures to the ribbon! It was quick and easy and looks better than just taping them up!

I can’t wait to see your rooms and all of your creative ideas next year! Enjoy the end of your senior year! You are almost finished with high school and will soon be a SOONER! 🙂

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4 Responses to “Dorm Decor! (or at least how I did it!)”

  1. May on May 5th, 2011 12:11 am

    SO helpful!! this is great because I’ve been wondering about the bathroom with 4 girls and just how everything is going to fit! thanks! (:

  2. Rachel on May 16th, 2011 6:39 pm

    Hi Jordann,
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs. I’m also from a small community in Kansas and decided to venture to Norman knowing zero people. I canNOT wait for the fall and your dorm decorations really have me inspired! Thank you!

  3. Jude on August 29th, 2015 2:13 am

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  4. Desy on September 10th, 2015 10:33 pm

    Very insprative, I would love to try it in my dorm. Nice sharing!

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