Once you get to college, you are faced with dozens of decisions every day, especially the first week after move-in.  One of those decisions is whether to go through Formal Recruitment, also known as “rush.”  Rush is essentially the same for guys and girls: there’s a few days set out where you will tour all of the Greek houses on campus, shaking a lot of hands and meeting a lot people (which can be a bit overwhelming).  But by the end of rush, yet another decision arises — to pledge a fraternity or a sorority or not. Personally, I did go through rush, and I did pledge to a fraternity, and I have not regretted it once.  I went through rush because I wanted to meet new people.  I ended up pledging because I saw the positive aspects a fraternity has to offer: brotherhood, accountability, and friendship. So far, I have loved being in a fraternity.  I’m meeting great guys and getting plugged in to more campus activities.  Going Greek is not going to make or break your college experience, and it is not necessarily for everybody.  But once again, college is about making your decisions and deciding what is best for you.

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