So, I went to my advising appointment for next semester and I cannot believe how fast time has passed! I feel so old and young at the same time. I say this because not many people know I am only 17 years old yet am considered a “sophomore” here at OU because of the amount of hours I had coming in. Everything has been so great, and it feels like I’ve been doing this “college” thing for a while, even though it’s only been 6 or so weeks. I am an International Business & Marketing major and am doing a language concentration in Spanish as well as a minor in French… How am I going to get through all that? I’m not quite sure yet, but with the support of my adviser, my parents, and my friends, I know I will…

I think so far I am a rare case in this college experience because, not only am I younger than everyone else, but also I seem to have a definite understanding about what I want in life. I used to be a Public Relations major since last October when I received my admission letter from OU (I still remember how happy I was that day). After much thought and careful consideration, as well as a few summer classes from my hometown community college, I decided I wanted to go into business. Since I’m already fluent in Spanish and love traveling and learning about different cultures, I chose to pursue an International Business degree instead. I had a simple idea of what the course work and classes were going to be like, but never imagined what I was getting myself into. I had no idea that as an International Business major I would have to do a double major. I chose to double major in Marketing. Also as an International Business major I am to choose a language to learn. I took an easy way out (kinda) because I’m already a Spanish native speaker so I chose my language concentration in Spanish. Thing is it seems I did not take the easy way because I’m doing a minor in French as well. All I have to say is after coming from my advisement appointment I am now more nervous, excited, and ready for the upcoming semesters. Can I do all this and still be as involved as I want to be, study abroad, do internships, and get good grades?! I HOPE SO because I now see I’m in the right major and am enjoying my classes (which is great!). It truly is a great feeling knowing where one is headed as a student, knowing what one’s major is and what lies ahead.

Soon I am hoping to give you guys some info about financial aid. I remember this time last year all that my life consisted of was scholarship searching, but HEY! I’m still doing that. So maybe I can ease the search for scholarships for you guys and find a few of my own. UNTIL NEXT TIME! Au Revoir (my French professor would be proud!)

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