Hi again readers! So being a freshman, I really didn’t know much about what happens during Homecoming week and I only had my high school experiences to go off of. Well, I can tell you that OU’s Homecoming week was awesome! A few of the things that take place during Homecoming are the pep rally, parade, and many other fun activities!

Personally, my favorite was going to the pep rally on Friday night because the stands were packed with students and everyone was there to cheer for their friends and have a great time. I loved getting the chance to watch all of the different sororities and fraternities creative dances. I especially had so much fun cheering for my own personal sorority and getting to see the hard work that they put into our dance. Also, some of the different sports teams came to the pep rally and spoke to the crowd, so it was great to learn about upcoming sporting events.

On Saturday, I had a great time going to the parade because, not only was I super excited to see how our float turned out, but also my mom came in town to visit! I had so much fun getting to share my Homecoming experience with my mom, and I know all of my friends were happy to have some of their family members here too! All of the floats in the parade were fantastic and I loved seeing all of the different themes that each group had. Also, a bunch of groups from the Norman community came out to participate in the parade, which was very cool. I could tell how much the Norman community loves OU and enjoyed the parade with their families.

The spirit of the campus during Homecoming week is so much fun and I enjoyed everything I participated in. It was such a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for next year! If anyone ever wanted to visit the campus, I would say the best time would be during Homecoming weekend, and they would get to experience what it’s like to be apart of the OU family for the weekend!





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