Leaves are changing colors. Jackets are coming out of closets… The University of Oklahoma is indeed a magical place in the fall.

This fall was a little different for me. In addition to going to class and studying, I was planning an arts festival. Yes, an arts festival. Let me explain: I am a Management major. I have no experience programming an arts festival. I’m not even a good artist. But planning an arts festival is exactly what I found myself doing; I was in charge of planning the inaugural Campus Activities Council’s Oklahoma Creativity Festival.

What started out as an interest in planning a new event quickly developed into a near obsession. Creativity is such a broad subject, so I wanted to incorporate as many different ideas as possible: visual art, performance art, theatre, music, entrepreneurship, education, and so much more. Not only did I learn a lot about creativity; I discovered new passions. For example, I had never been very involved in education advocacy, but through the course of planning an education symposium (which was just one component of the Oklahoma Creativity Festival) I developed a passion for education. Over the past few months I have met with many of the state’s leading educators and administrators to determine how college students can get involved in the education process. In short, I have been smitten.

That’s what this event did for me. It was more than just a leadership experience I can put on a résumé; it was a transformative experience that changed my life.

You see, in the midst of midterm tests and football games it’s easy to get so wrapped up in our little world of school and forget that there is a world outside of the classroom. That’s how I was when I came to OU as a freshman. I came from a world where Student Council was the pinnacle of involvement and more thought was given to decorating the hallways than changing the world. In college, my worldview has changed.

That is the wonderful thing about the University of Oklahoma. It engages your imagination and inspires you to think big. When I arrived on campus three years ago, I never thought that I would end up starting a new CAC event and planning an entire arts festival. I never imagined that I would discover new passions and figure out what I can do to change the world. Yet that’s exactly what happened. In the process, I learned far more about myself than I could have possibly envisioned. And that is, in my opinion, why this fall has been quite magical.


David Postic
Oklahoma City, OK
Class of 2013
Business Management Major, Religious Studies Minor

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