I’ve had countless amazing experiences during my time at The University of Oklahoma. However, my one of my favorite experiences happened just this year. I didn’t see it coming. I’m a senior now—old, senile, irrelevant, etc. I thought all the best years at this school had passed for me, but I was so wrong. It all started when I saw a flyer for OU’s Comedy Fight Night. I had done a little bit of stand up, but never thought I was good enough to use it as a weapon and fight people with it. I’m more of a lover, not a fighter. I figured I might as well go for it. I have embarrassed myself many times at this school anyway. Once I got in a bike crash on the South Oval when I swerved to dodge an eerily large squirrel. I dumped an entire coffee on myself in the middle of the Union when I was trying to slide down a staircase railing while singing a Rihanna song. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the time I accidentally called the dean of my college “ma’am” then tipped my imaginary top hat in his direction to smooth things out. Needless to say, I had nothing to lose by auditioning for Comedy Fight Night. I made the show as one of only two females and was super excited (and very nauseous) about the opportunity to perform for my friends and classmates at the battle. CFN had an incredible turn out. People sat in the aisles and filled the entire balcony section of Meacham Auditorium and when I walked out on stage, I felt like a real cool gal. Friends yelled my name and strangers that have probably been in my Spanish class every semester cheered… for me. The next 6.5 minutes rocked my world. I had the time of my life performing my very own material. I was so pumped when I was awarded First Place. However, as an aspiring comedian, I was even more pumped when I won Crowd Favorite. There is no better feeling than when your audience actually laughs at your jokes and thinks your funny. Comedy is a difficult career path to follow, but with the support of my friends and a university that gives oddballs like me the opportunity to perform, it all seems possible! Boomer.


Ashley Leisten

Creative Media Production/Class of 2016

Keller, TX

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