Never in a million years would I have thought I was going to be a 5th year Senior. I thought that I was going to be a graduate of the Class of 2015 but boy, was I wrong. Halfway through my Junior year, I took a Supply Chain Management class just for fun and ended up falling in love with the course work. This resulted in adding a double major to my existing Energy Management degree and effectively pushing back my graduation date one more year. I never expected to be a 5th year, but I ended up becoming one anyway.

Well halfway through my 5th year, I can safely say that this has probably been one of the best years of my life. While last year, I had to participate with all my friends who were participating with their “lasts” on campus. I kept in mind that “Hey! I actually have one more of these.” Fast-forward to my 5th year and I get to participate in all the things with that my friends went through last year with some experience under my belt. My “Last First Day of Class”, my “Last First Football game”, everything has been such a surreal experience.

I wanted to make my 5th year the year that I did everything that I wanted to do, but haven’t gotten the chance to do. I became President of an organization, I joined new organizations, made more friends, networked with more faculty and made my experience during this 5th year the best that it could be and its only a quarter of the way through! I also made my 5th year, the year of spontaneity. A few weeks back, my friends and I decided to head down to enemy territory and visit The Austin City Limits Music Festival and I can safely say that was probably the best weekend of my life with some of my closest friends (I cried during Drake). I also just came back from a fun (but slightly depressing) OU/TX weekend and made some more memories as well.

Future Sooner,  if you’re weary about taking that extra Fifth year, do not worry. This point in college, you’ve already made your friend groups, already found your faculty mentors, and you pretty much already get the gist of how campus works. You get to have that “one more chance” in college and believe me, I am taking advantage it right now. OU has been place that I have grown into the man I have become today and getting that one more shot at college is yet another exciting year to grow as an individual. If you have to, take that extra year because “With 5th year, comes wisdom.”


Bunty Patel

Energy Management/Supply Chain

Class of 201(6)

Wilburton, Oklahoma

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