As soon as the countdown clock reached August 1, Midwest City High School valedictorian Adrienne Peak took the first step toward her future.

Peak, an Oklahoma State Regents Scholar, submitted her application to the University of Oklahoma in early August. The following month she received her official admission packet in the mail.  The envelope, a colorful print of Memorial Union clock tower against an Oklahoma evening sky, represented the culmination of hard work, dedication and family support.

A month after receiving her acceptance letter, the Peak household received a knock on the door. Much to Peak’s surprise, OU had one more delivery for her: a gift that was years in the making.

Planting the Seed

Joining the Sooner Family is a truly unique experience for every OU student. Peak, thanks to her father, grew up on tales of his college years in Norman. His experience and stories spoke vividly to her.

“It’s been my dream school since I was six,” she said. “My Dad always talked about how much fun he had and such great times, and I decided that sounded great to me.”

Robert Peak already was proud of his daughter, but her decision to attend his alma mater brings him a great deal of joy and pride.

“I must admit, as an alumnus and former Leadership Scholar, I have had a tremendous amount of influence promoting my alma mater,” Peak’s father said. “I am extremely proud of my daughter carrying on the tradition of attending of the University of Oklahoma. Adrienne has obtained an outstanding scholastic record all on her own.”

Sowing the Field

The goal of being accepted into to her “dream school” stayed with Peak throughout junior high and into high school. She became the leader and captain of her school’s Academic Team, served as parliamentarian of the National Honor Society, and even led the trumpet section in the Midwest City High School band.

Despite a busy schedule, Peak also volunteered for the local chapter of Rotary International and spent two years as a volunteer at Science Museum of Oklahoma. It was there that Peak grew fond of science and math, which sparked her desire to major in engineering.

“Everything is good in engineering, so I just want to see where it takes me,” Peak said. “OU has one of the best engineering programs in the country. It’s insane how good it is, and it’s really close to home.”

Reaping the Harvest

Eager to join the next fleet of women in engineering at OU, Peak stayed driven to achieve her collegiate dreams. She credits her classmates at Midwest City High School for spurring her on to achieving those goals.

“There are so many smart kids in my school, and I just think ‘I’ve got to be as good as they are,’” Peak said. “There is no excuse for me not to be that good.”

Just like the recognition of talent, dedication and hard work Adrienne sees in her classmates, the University of Oklahoma took the chance to congratulate and reward her for those very same qualities.

On a crisp October day during fall break, a team from the university showed up at Peak’s Midwest City home. Crimson and cream balloons waved in the wind next to a large scholarship check that was carried inside, along with smiles, cupcakes and greetings from one Sooner generation to another.

We’re so glad to welcome Adrienne Peak to the University of Oklahoma next fall. Adrienne applied, have you?

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