Man. OU Greek life has had some of the best philanthropic events the past few weeks. I’m not even a member of the houses that held these events, but I sure did enjoy going to share my support! If you like music… keep reading to check out two of my favorites! Read more

Mr. Fix It

So like all college freshmen, I made a mistake. Before winter break, I decided I would do the smart, protective thing: lock my closet with a padlock. After packing up all my stuff for my month at home, I fastened my purple padlock to my closet, zipped up my backpack, and was about to head to my last final. Then it hit me… I didn’t remember the code for my lock. Read more

  1. GET to know your hall mates: Everyone in the dorms is anxious and excited to meet new people. Take this wonderful opportunity the first few weeks of college to really invest time in getting to know the people who live near you. At first, it may not seem like you have a lot in common with them, but it will surprise you how much you truly do. Everyone comes to college with fears, hopes, and expectations. Start learning more about OU and more about yourself through relationships with people going through the same things as you! Whether that is learning everyone has an embarrassing move-in story, first day of classes story, or maybe just embarrassing moments on a daily basis!
  2. GET a planner and use it: Once you get all your syllabi, it will look like a mountain of deadlines, papers, and exams. If you mark important dates for each class on one calendar, you will see which hectic weeks you need to plan for. Personally, I like to highlight the days I have something important so I can easily see which weeks my deadlines fall. For the super organized people, highlighting in different colors for different classes is even better! Hint: professors seem to schedule all their tests and papers on similar weeks, oddly enough. Enjoy your “light week” because usually the next week you are crammed with academics. Working ahead is always good too! 🙂 Read more

Hello everyone! I should probably start by introducing myself. My name is Kara and I am a freshman here at OU. My major is Public Relations and my minors are General Business and Spanish. So far, my freshman year has been a series of ups and downs! I am from Overland Park, Kansas, which is a suburb of Kansas City. Coming to OU as an out-of-state student and not knowing anyone was a lot harder than I imagined. It has taught me a lot about my ability to foster new relationships though. Everyone at OU is very welcoming, from the nice lady scanning Sooner OneCards at the cafeteria to the boy sitting next to me during a lecture in Dale Hall. Even in lonely moments, I find that there is always someone feeling the same way that I do. If any of you are considering coming to OU from out-of-state, don’t hesitate! It will challenge you and inspire you, but it’s very worth it!

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