Hello future Sooners!

I can’t believe that this semester has gone by so fast! I’m a freshman so it is crazy to think that I am already heading into my second semester of freshman year. So finals are coming in the next two weeks, and classes are starting to slow down and just review over all of the information from this past semester. What I have learned from this past week of being back from Thanksgiving break is that before you leave for the break, make sure you have your work done and can come back prepared, not behind.

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Hi again readers! So being a freshman, I really didn’t know much about what happens during Homecoming week and I only had my high school experiences to go off of. Well, I can tell you that OU’s Homecoming week was awesome! A few of the things that take place during Homecoming are the pep rally, parade, and many other fun activities!

Personally, my favorite was going to the pep rally on Friday night because the stands were packed with students and everyone was there to cheer for their friends and have a great time. I loved getting the chance to watch all of the different sororities and fraternities creative dances. I especially had so much fun cheering for my own personal sorority and getting to see the hard work that they put into our dance. Also, some of the different sports teams came to the pep rally and spoke to the crowd, so it was great to learn about upcoming sporting events. Read more

In the fall, football is my all-time favorite sport to watch. During the game against Mizzou last weekend, the most beautiful sunset took place. It was gorgeous! This was such a special moment, with the band playing and the fans all cheering. I sat in the student section but happened to be very high up in the stands this game. Even when you’re high up in the stands, everyone is so excited to be at the game and to be a part of the Sooner family. One of my favorite moments of the game is before the game even starts. Every week at home, they play a video that shows all of the players and Coach Stoops. When he says “there’s only one Oklahoma” the crowd roars with excitement. It’s amazing! If you haven’t been to a game yet, I would definitely recommend coming out and supporting the team! Even if you’re not a student here, you will definitely get the same feeling of excitement that everyone has. BOOMER SOONER!

Whenever I tell someone that I live in the dorms, I get so many different reactions from people. Most of the time, I always hear about how much fun they had and how much they love their roommate from the past year. They also mention how much they miss having a meal plan and miss eating at the Caf. Now that I’ve been here for about a month, I completely understand what they have been talking about. Personally, I have really enjoyed living in the dorms so far! I live in the Adams Center, in the Johnson Tower, but I go to Walker and Couch all the time. All of the towers are great because each one has something different at the bottom, and you can go hang out there whenever you want. I have friends that live in every tower, so its fun to go over and see where they live. Read more

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