My name is Daniel Smith and I am a junior at the University of Oklahoma studying Finance. There are great opportunities offered at OU that supports students and other national organizations. My experience through my major has given me the chance to be involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This semester nineteen other students and I started a company called OklaCozy through the IBC program in the Price College of Business. IBC stands for Integrated Business Core which gives business students a chance to gain expertise knowledge of managing a company while creating and selling a product throughout the OU and Norman community.

Through the Integrated Business Core (IBC) program, my core group created OklaCozy. Our responsibilities include developing, financing, marketing, and selling our product. This teaches us the business process first hand. On top of that, we get the privilege of picking two philanthropies to support. We are giving our time and service at the OK Kids Korral located in Oklahoma City, a place of lodging for pediatric cancer patients and their families; and then all proceeds from our product go directly toward making children’s dreams come true through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We were given a wish child named Elizabeth Lansdale, she is a four year old suffering from leukemia and her dream was to go to Disney World. Oklacozy is committed to helping kids like Elizabeth make their dreams come true!

Our product this year are OU blankets. The blankets have consist of a one-of-a-kind OU themed design. These blankets are 100% polyester, machine washable, with one side having a furry texture, and the other having a fleece texture, allowing you to pick your preference of softness. These blankets have a unique design that our company created and that you cannot find anywhere else. My experience through IBC has been an incredible hands-on learning experience that has equipped me for my future career in the business field. This is just one of many degrees and programs that

If at all interested in possibly purchasing either of our product to help the children of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, follow the link below to learn more about our company and to purchase your very own blanket!

Follow the link below to learn more about our company and to purchase your very own blanket!


Daniel Smith

Junior, Finance

Edmond, OK


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How cool is it that a student in the Price College of Business can receive college credit for donating to charity? This semester, I have the opportunity to take part in the 20th Anniversary of the Integrated Business Core program within the Price College of Business. This program allows groups of 20 students to develop their professional skills, as well as the ability to fulfill social responsibilities to the community. With the creation of my company’s one-of-a-kind, Oklahoma-inspired sweatshirts, all proceeds of our product go to our charity of choice, Hearts for Hearing. This non-profit organization works to help the children and adults of Oklahoma with varying degrees of hearing impairments by providing speech therapy classes, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and much more. In addition to our monetary donation, my company also has the opportunity to donate our time to LoveWorks Leadership in Norman. LoveWorks Leadership is an after-school program, designed to aid middle schoolers in the discovery of their passions and the potential to live into their dreams through tutoring, life skills training, and leadership development.

Though I am only halfway through the semester, I’ve already sensed a change in my own passions and dreams. Through the mentorship of LoveWorks and the monetary donations to Hearts for Hearing, I have a new sense of appreciation and vision for my own life. I’m thankful for Price College and its dedication to teaching and providing real world experiences, while allowing students to contribute to our surrounding communities.

Overall, our company goal is to raise $11,500 to Hearts for Hearing, and donate over 1,200 hours of service to LoveWorks over the course of the semester. Through a charitable donation of $35, you can help my company reach its goal and help children all over Oklahoma! For more information about our cause and to view our products, feel free to visit !
Bailey E. Brougher

BBA Energy Management/Finance
Houston, TX
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Counting this summer I have two left. Two summers full of swimming, reading, sleeping in, traveling, staying up all night, and wasting away in the Oklahoma heat with friends. These days will soon come to a close and I will need to find a full time job or go to grad school, but for now I will celebrate the time I have for adventures. This summer my days will be spent in Norman, and I wouldn’t want to spend them anywhere else.  Norman has become my home away from home.

The chaos and stress of the semester has faded away and summer session has begun. Norman in the summer is slower paced, but it’s amazing how many people stay in Norman or the OKC metro area for the summer and how many things there are to do. During the busy semester there isn’t much time to go to the city to explore locally owned restaurants like the Mule and Pie Junkie in the Plaza District and Cuppies and Joe on 23rd, peruse the artwork at the Paseo Arts Festival, or stroll alongside the Bricktown Riverwalk. OKC has so many cool neighborhoods to discover and I’m looking forward to doing just that!

The atmosphere in Norman becomes more relaxed and there is always something to do with friends on or off campus. Free movies play in Meacham Auditorium every weekend and volleyball and basketball leagues are organized through Student Life. The Summer Session team has planned so many events this summer that bring together OU as a community and foster new friendships. The students and staff that are around in the summer are able to relax without the hustle and bustle of the school year. Between free snocones on Tuesdays, the upcoming crawfish boil, and comedian performance, this summer looks promising and I am so glad to be spending my summer as a Sooner.

Delaney Nash


Class of 2015

Edmond, OK

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As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, the time comes to break out the tank tops from months of hibernation in the bottom of your drawers.. or closets.. or piles of clothes on your floor. Grab your fresh new pair of boat shoes and sun glasses and hit the lake! But before all of that happens, don’t forget to sign up for summer recruitment with IFC. This is the best way to ensure you get your name out there for recruitment with the fraternities here at OU.

OU’s Summer Recruitment program officially opens for registration on March 1st, but you can still sign up for it at any time.  Through registering, this allows fraternities to contact potential students about events they will be having throughout the summer and invite them to attend.  This is one of the best ways to get to know members from many different houses and spend time finding your best fit.  Another event that takes place is the Annual IFC Barbecue, with this year’s special guest, the Casey Donahew Band.  This is an opportunity provided through OU directly that allows students to meet members of every fraternity on OU’s campus as well as hangout with other students going through the same adventure as you!

If you are even the slightest bit interested in joining a Greek fraternity, my suggestion is do it.  I have greatly benefitted and enjoyed my experience in “going Greek” and wish for others to have a similar opportunity.  So be sure to sign up for summer recruitment at and have a great summer! I hope to see you at an event or two!


Andy Stewart

Letters ‘16

University of Oklahoma

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As you’re gearing up to rise from high school into college, you may be completely overwhelmed with decisions on which classes to take, what major to declare and where you will live. Or maybe you’re really excited to finally get out of high school and be on your own. Are you experiencing a bit of senioritis?

Well, whether you fall into one of the above categories or not, you should realize that no matter who you are and how you’re feeling right now, college will be the most challenging experience and yet the greatest experience of your life. It is those very challenges that will make your collegiate experience the most worthwhile. Therefore, before you arrive at college, you should realize several key principles. Read more

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I just went to my last advising appointment at the University of Oklahoma. I experienced my last Camp Crimson about 2 months ago. I have been to my last first football game of a season. I had my last first day of school… after 17 years! I am living in a world of “lasts” and it isn’t stopping.

Coming from someone who is graduating on time, in 4 years, I wish I could stay longer. I bet you never picture yourself saying that about school, huh? OU does that to you, though.

At Camp Crimson this past year I was a small group leader for my last time. Sitting in our last session of camp the emcee went on stage, also a senior, and began talking about college life in retrospect. She encouraged the new Sooners by telling them how they have a huge blank white canvas sitting in front of them, waiting for them to paint a picture on it. You have hundreds of paint brushes and colors sitting in front of you also; everything from clubs and organizations to academics to football season to friends you have yet to make. How you use those paint brushes and colors is completely up to you. You can paint WHATEVER picture you want. This college experience is completely up to you, and what are you going to do with it?

Looking back on my college career, the opportunities I have been given, and what I have done with the hundreds of resources at my fingertips, my canvas is almost completely painted. I just have some finishing touches left, like walking across the stage. I can truly say I have fully embraced every opportunity I have been given and I am so thankful I did. My canvas looks amazing.

As she gave this talk, I can reassure you every single senior leader sitting in that room, including her, was crying. We were all wondering how we had done; had we painted the picture we wanted?

While choosing the college you want to attend, hopefully choosing OU, think about what you want to do, what you want your canvas to look like. Then look at OU, look at every paintbrush you are offered, every picture everyone else that attends this University has created, and how not a single person regrets the decisions they have made here. I fully believe you cannot go wrong in choosing to attend this University. I myself was also choosing between OU and 4 other colleges, and never once do I think I made the wrong decision. That was proven true the second I walked on this campus and picked up my first paintbrush.

Will the first colors on your canvas be Crimson and Cream?

Nikki Smith
Bixby, OK
Communication major with a minor Nonprofit Organizations
Class of 2013

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Leaves are changing colors. Jackets are coming out of closets… The University of Oklahoma is indeed a magical place in the fall.

This fall was a little different for me. In addition to going to class and studying, I was planning an arts festival. Yes, an arts festival. Let me explain: I am a Management major. I have no experience programming an arts festival. I’m not even a good artist. But planning an arts festival is exactly what I found myself doing; I was in charge of planning the inaugural Campus Activities Council’s Oklahoma Creativity Festival.

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As a freshman, the first two months of college are probably the greatest and most overwhelming two months of freshman year. Being at OU is incredible, because it’s almost impossible to be bored, lonely, or hungry. There are so many friendly people to meet. There are over 400 clubs and organizations you can be involved in. There are countless options on where to eat. There are so many places to study (…or take naps). And, there is so much TIME!

In college, you’re on your own schedule.  Great time management is a skill that is essential in life. What you do with your time is completely up to you. In fact, everything you do in college is essentially your decision. You choose who your friends are. You decide on which clubs to join. You settle into your own study habits.

My advice to prospective students is to be fearless. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! Everybody at OU is very welcoming. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class or get to know your professors. The university’s professors are always more than willing to help their students succeed. Don’t be afraid to join clubs. It’s a great way to meet people and network. And lastly, don’t be afraid to be a leader, even if you’re “just” a freshman. It’s amazing how many leadership opportunities the university has to offer to all of it’s students.

I can honestly say that OU already feels like home to me. I love everything about the university, from its beautiful campus to its crimson and cream pride. I have always been a huge OU fan ever since I was young, but I never fully understood how truly amazing the university was until I was actually a student here. I encourage anyone who is interested in OU to take a campus tour — you’ll soon realize why the University of Oklahoma is such a wonderful place to be.


Tina Nguyen
Mustang, Oklahoma
Class of 2016
Psychology and Communications

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One of the greatest experiences I have had at the University of Oklahoma was being a part of OU’s Integrated Business Core (IBC) program. IBC offers so many learning experiences as well as the opportunity to meet new people who will become your close friends. With IBC, not only do you get credit hours for school, but you also get to develop your own company, which will look really good on your resume. In IBC, you get grouped with people and start your own company.

As part of the IBC process you make loan presentations, come up with a product, and sell that product to the public. You also learn about giving back to the community with IBC because you donate service hours as well as the money you raise by selling your product. Overall, taking IBC has made me more knowledgeable about how a company runs, how to work in groups, and how to give back to the community. This is something I definitely recommend for anyone!

Cassandra Nguyen
Moore, OK
Class of 2014
Finance major

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September at OU is a beautiful time of the year.  Everyone is all settled into classes and daily routines, the weather is beginning to cool down (no more 100 degree weeks!), and best of all…it’s football time in Oklahoma!  Football Saturdays are very special days in Norman.  Tailgating can begin at 10 a.m., even for evening games.  The floods of fans dressed in crimson and cream begin appearing on Campus Corner once traffic is blocked off from the area.  Students, locals, and out-of-town fans all mingle, chat, and contribute to the many cries of “Boomer Sooner!” around campus.  Once the game begins, you can hear the roar of the crowd from halfway across town.  Oklahoma football brings a further sense of unity to the campus and community, and even if you aren’t a regular attendee to the games or a sports fan at all, the feeling of togetherness is still a great experience.

Even on non-football days, the OU community is very tight-knit.  Despite the large number of students on campus, there is a very strong sense of community.  Students from all disciplines, backgrounds, and extracurricular activities join up and interact together on a daily basis.  Whether you’re eating lunch at the student union, hitting the books in the library, or just walking from class to class, chances are you’ll see somebody you know.  The small-campus feel that you experience while still receiving all of the benefits of a large research university is unbeatable.  OU is a great place to spend your college years and build some of the best connections and friendships of your life, because no matter where we came from, we all have one thing in common: we are all proud to be attending the University of Oklahoma, and even if it’s just for four years, lucky enough to call this beautiful place home.

Good luck with your search, best wishes, and BOOMER SOONER!

Lara McLellan
Clemson, South Carolina
Class of 2014
Environmental Sustainability and German Major

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