Have a Future Sooner? The OU Bound App is for Parents Too!

“Only 210 more days”
“Only 209 more days”
“Only 208 more days”

Have you heard this from your high school senior? If you have, chances are that your student uses their OU Bound App every day. And while that may seem like the only thing they are using the OU Bound App for, in actuality it does so much more.

You can actually start using the app before your student has even enrolled. Just log in as a guest. Once inside you can see the all-important countdown until classes start that I reference above. You will also have access to the Timeline. All of the events that are important in your journey from high school to the University of Oklahoma are listed along with their deadlines.

Here’s an idea: Sit down and have your student walk you through the app every now and then. It’s a great way to start conversation and stay engaged in the process together. Once your student is logged in with his or her OU 4×4 information received after admission, the timeline becomes personalized. It’s great to see that checkmark next to the required items as we go through the process. And all the required items will have a big star next to them until they are completed.


OU Bound App Image


With this tool you will never miss an important deadline. They have made it so easy. I wish they had had stuff like this when I went to college (my daughter would say this is a typical old person statement, but it is so true!).

The OU Bound app also has other items of interest. Such as featured events happening on campus. This can give you a great idea of what activities will be going on once your student is on campus next year. The app also provides links to frequently asked questions. They take you directly to the answer on the OU web page. A great time saver.

There’s a lot of information that is very useful on the OU Bound app. And let’s face it, it is kind of fun too!

The OU Bound application can be found both in the Apple iTunes App Store and for Android users on Google Play. Visit this link for access to either one: ou.edu/oubound.

Parents of Sooner Bound students, I highly recommend downloading it now. Join the fun. As I write this there are 202 days until my daughter starts classes at The University of Oklahoma. The excitement continues …

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