Great Medical Services at OU Bringing Comfort for Students and Parents

My family is in New York and we have been Oklahoma Sooner fans since my father attended Oklahoma in the late 1960s. We raised our children to love the college, what it has to offer, and of course, the football team!

My oldest daughter always told us that she wanted to attend OU. I always said “if that’s your dream, then do it.” We live far away and I never really thought she would truly leave the comfort of home. But she did and loves it! This was more than just a scary decision for me to allow. It was terrifying! The only reason I was at odds with my daughter’s decision was because my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (TID)!

As a parent you review over and over in your head scenarios of the way life should go and the way situations can turn out. After her diagnosis I promised her-and myself-that I would allow her to grow up the way she wanted. I never wanted to use her disease as an excuse to “not” do something. I wanted her to experience life’s adventures and going to college near or far was one of them.

When I heard about OU’s health center and I visited it I was assured that my daughter would have all the medical care that she required. Goddard Health Services are right on campus. They have many medical services available for all students. Lab, x-ray, pharmacy, physical therapy and women’s center are just a few services offered. Doctors from home send her prescriptions to the Goddard Pharmacy and my daughter picks them up when they are ready.

If anyone is struggling they have counseling services, crisis services and other programs to help. The Fall Flu Clinic is currently underway. This is free for students with their IDs. This is important for my daughter. Because Type 1 Diabetes it is an autoimmune disease, it’s important she gets the flu shot to try and keep herself healthy as possible.

The OU Police Department is also alerted if a medical condition arises on campus. They will arrive and make sure the student is taken care of and gets the medical attention needed. They are just a 9-1-1 away! OUPD now also has the Guardian Campus Safety App. This free app can be used to set safety timers, message students’ “guardians,” ease emergency communication and can create a personal “safety profile” for medical and other information.

My daughter has done very well these past two years at OU. She notifies her professors of her medical condition, and most importantly, her friends. Diabetes has highs and lows. Sometimes lows happen (which it has to my daughter) and having her friends and roommates informed then they know what to do in a medical situation.

I have watched my daughter grow and prosper at OU. She loves it and calls it home. The University of Oklahoma has the greatest services for our children so they stay safe and healthy. THANK YOU, OU!

Boomer Sooner!

One thought on “Great Medical Services at OU Bringing Comfort for Students and Parents

  1. Thanks for writing this, Jodi. My daughter also has juvenile diabetes and is seriously considering attending OU as a freshman next year. It’s a big decision because we live in Texas and I had envisioned her going to college closer to home. Your perspective is really helping me think through this! I appreciate it. I’d love to get in touch with you, if you’re willing, to ask about your daughter’s experiences on campus with T1D and especially how things have worked out with roommates, etc. Thanks again for posting your article – vey informative!
    Bridget Caletka

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