The Discovery That They Want to Be Sooners




“The Spirit of Learning is a Lasting Frontier.”


This quote can be seen at OU’s Bizzell Memorial Library and fully encompassed in the University of Oklahoma’s new summer program – Sooner Discovery.


I was asked to write a blog for Sooner Discovery, but how do I tell a month’s worth of memories and adventures in just 350 words? If I could just create a video montage for this past month, life would be easy, buuuut…




So do I tell you how the phrase #OnSwayde was coined? No.


Or maybe the time a McChicken was hurled through the air before exploding? No.


None of those little stories would tell how much this program means to those who are a part of it. However, I can assure you that this experience has been quite the ride. To recall the best moment, we have to go back to the time of our final Group Reflection.


Throughout the journey of Sooner Discovery, many events occurred every week. To recap, each Sunday the students and guides would break up into two groups to reflect upon the previous week’s happenings. During the last reflection, we asked the students to tell us their favorite and least favorite moments.


As we made our way around the circle of the Cream Group, it began to set in how much this program had helped them grow. A student who had gone to other summer college program expressed his awe. He marveled at how well put together the program had been considering this was just its inaugural year.


With these words spoken to the guides and directors, I finally understood the impact that I was leaving. Though I may not have connected on a deeper level with all the students, I know that by working with the program and always being involved, that my actions speak for themselves.


I couldn’t be more proud of this group of students, guides, and directors. They are all truly #OnSwayde. Thrilled they chose to #StartSooner.


Swayde W

Biochemistry and Chemistry, 2018

Muldrow, Oklahoma


Students and guides outside of the Bizzell Memorial Library


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