why Sooner Discovery is the new sliced bread


  1. FOOD

The meal plan is AWESOME. Qdoba, Einstein Bagels and the never-ending salad bar at the cafeteria; can it get better than that? As a senior, I cherish my meal plan like I would a firstborn child. It. Is. Superb.




WOW! As an incoming freshman, sometimes you do not pay as much attention to cleaning the bathroom, as you should. During Sooner Discovery though, everything was taken care of. All of the students and Discovery Guides were able to focus on their schoolwork without worrying about the extra chores.



  1. You will always have a lunch date

Us Sooner Discovery Guides LOVE to eat, did I already mention our fascination with the food? Sooner Discovery Guides and students are always creating different meeting times and places so that no matter your schedule, you have a lunch a date.



  1. Sooner Discovery Feet (only sometimes) Touch The Street

Vroom vroom! Need to run to admissions? Pay a bill? Grab your favorite light ice, extra caramel, vanilla Frappuccino? If you are lucky (lucky being the key word) you could possibly get a ride in the golf cart. Everyone likes golf carts.



  1. FREE paper graders

Do you have a hard time with punctuation? Sometimes we do too. At Sooner Discovery students have access to the help of a college student all day every day. What? They don’t sleep much anyways.

These students are able to share their experiences and helpful tips when it comes to writing the best paper.



  1. UNLIMITED (kinda) Coffee

I like coffee yes I do, I like coffee, how about you? At the University of Oklahoma, you have a Starbucks on campus. Which means there is no need to fret about powering through some of that homework. Oh, and you can buy coffee with your meal plan. CHA-ching.



  1. EXPLORE Oklahoma

Have you ever won 6,000 tickets at an arcade? Neither have I. But with the help of my Sooner Discovery friends I was able to combine all of our tickets to buy ONE BIG PRIZE. In addition, we were able to visit Frontier City, the Myriad Gardens and the Oklahoma Aquarium. Come fall in love with the Sooner state!



  1. Discover the FULL Sooner experience

Walk through the beautiful campus, study in our historic library and live in the residence halls. This is the TRUE college experience. Making friends from around the United States while having fun in the best learning environment is what college is all about.



  1. No one is cool

At Sooner Discovery, everyone can be himself or herself. Whether you are kind of obsessed with the show Gossip Girl or you maybe have a super cool rock collection, students are able to “drop” the coolness and just be who they are.



  1. Meet your new family

Whether a student plans on coming to OU or not, when they are a Sooner Discovery student they are now a part of the Sooner Family. The Sooner Family cares, uplifts and encourages one another. During the program you will make life long friendships and potentially freshman roommate. Sooner Discovery serves to not only educate but also prepare students while enriching their college experience.



Breanna B

Public Relations

And Women and Gender Studies, 2016

Edmond, Oklahoma

Students at the Tulsa Philbrook Museum on the Tulsa Weekend Trip

Students at the Tulsa Philbrook Museum on the Tulsa Weekend Trip

Dylan, Hala, Breanna, and Paige during the first week of reflection time

Dylan, Hala, Breanna, and Paige during the first week of reflection time

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