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Digital Day at Whittier Middle School
One U visited Whittier Middle School last week. This Digital Day allowed students from various Mathematics and Gifted & Talented classes to interact with new technology in an educational environment and begin to explore and understand how the tec (More)
On Friday, March 13, we asked students to reflect on recent events and how a university can address issues such as diversity and inclusiveness. Echoing the powerful message President Boren gave the morning of the March 9 rally, we asked the question, (More)
Digital Day at Roosevelt Elementary
One U visited Roosevelt Elementary last week. The Digital Day allowed students to interact with new technology in an educational environment and begin to explore and understand how the technology works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_XBVO9KzJ0 (More)
Bridge Creek at OneU
Bridge Creek visited the OneU store. Watch the recap video to see some of the technology the students had the chance to explore! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUyz7hzwbe4 (More)
The New Website is Live!
We have done some updating to our website, and it has officially launched! With this update, ANYONE can shop with us to take advantage of our awesome deals and great educational discounts! Visit shop.itstore.ou.edu to see our changes! If you're a (More)
Top 5 Innovative Ways OU Faculty Are Using the One U Store
http://academictech.ou.edu/top-5-innovative-ways-ou-faculty-are-using-the-one-u-store/ (More)
Alumni at OneU
Some OU Alumni visited the One University store on Friday to check out the changes in the Union. They talked to our student employees and explored the technology the store has to offer. Check out the gallery of pictures to see them playing in the sto (More)
Happy Birthday Nick!
We would all like to wish Nick Hathaway a very happy birthday! (More)
Digital Day at Truman Elementary
OneU hosted a Digital Day at Truman Elementary last week to demonstrate how technology can be fun and educational. The students had the opportunity to explore 3D-printing, the Oculus Rift, Ozobots, and many other exciting educational games.   (More)
Whittier Middle School at the OneU Store
Whittier Middle School students visited the OneU store on Monday to explore the technology we have to offer. Check out the photos of the students playing with the awesome technology we offer in the OneU Playground! [gallery ids="380,381,382,383,38 (More)
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