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AME Student Kaley Hassell has been Selected as a Brooke Owens Fellow
On February 5, Kaley Hassell, an undergraduate aerospace engineering student, was selected to receive the 2019 Brooke O (More)
Chinedum Ezeakacha presents over Performance Verification and Material Testing of Liner Hanger Sealing Components for Oil and Gas Application
On Friday, February 8, AME hosted a seminar from Chinedum Peter Ezeakacha, a post-doctoral research associate at the Well Construction Technology center at OU. In his research (More)
Dr. Garg Receives NSF CAREER Grant
On February 7, Assistant Professor Jivtesh Garg was awarded the CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation. He will be working on the investigation of strain and sup (More)
Dr. L'Afflitto is Guest on "Just Sow" Podcast
Wednesday, February 20, Dr. L'Afflitto was featured on an episode of More)
Dr. Kazempoor Presents Seminar over Driving Sustainable Performance in the Oil and Gas Industry
Pejman Kazempoor, Ph.D., gave a seminar on Thursday, February 21, about driving sustainable performance in the oil and gas industry. Dr. Kazempoor is a senior engine (More)
Dr. Edward Guo Presents Seminar over Bone Bioengineering
Edward Guo, Ph.D., a Chair and Stanley Dicker Professor for the department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University, gave a seminar on Wednesday, March 6t (More)
AME Hosts Seminar by Dr. Srinivas Kolla
Srinivas Swaroop Kolla, Ph.D., a research associate at the University of Tulsa, presented a seminar Friday, March 8th at OU. He spoke about the design and performance of ga (More)
Dr. Zuo Presents Seminar at OU
Dr. Jian Zuo gave a seminar over drug discovery for hearing loss on Thursday, March 14th at OU. Dr. Zuo is a chairman and professor from the Department of Biomedical Scienc (More)
AME Represented at AERO Oklahoma Day 2019
Professor Thomas Hays and AME Communications Coordinator Rebeka Morales represented AME at the AERO Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Awareness Day on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. (More)
Dr. Song Receives Multiple Awards for Current Research
Dr. Li Song, an associate professor at AME, received three awards for her current research projects. Two awards are from the Department of Energy, and the third award is fr (More)
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