Hammer in a Haystack

Imagine wandering through the halls of Paramount Pictures. You’ve only been in Los Angeles for a week and you’ve already landed an interview with a legendary producer. Oh, how fortune smiles upon you! You’re skipping down a yellow brick road in an animated meadow with animated bluebirds and animated sunshine. In your head. In reality, the security guard is staring at you, asking why you’re making a scene in front of a framed picture of Michael J. Fox. “Sorry sir, I just REALLY loved the basketball montage in Teen Wolf. Uh, which way to Mr. Evan’s office?”

You get directed toward a long line. It doesn’t matter, though. At least you’re IN it. As you soak in all the possibilities that lie behind those doors, you notice that you’re in line with a lot of beautiful, young women. In fact, you’re the only guy in line. Then, you look down at your resumé. K-I-M. K-I-M?!! But, my name is K-A-M. Now I know why I’m here. Always proofread.

Despite my epic failure that day, I learned another valuable lesson. Anything is possible. I never imagined, in a million years, that I would be on the lot of a famous movie studio. I also never imagined that I’d be mistaken for a woman. But, that’s beside the point. The Hollywood mystique was gone. I could do this! And I did.

I’ve been on every studio lot. I’ve met plenty of famous people. I’ve worked for very prominent people and a very prominent studio. I packed two lifetimes into four years in L.A. and learned two indispensable life lessons.

Persistence and determination go a long way. Some people get lucky without effort. Some don’t. But, it is possible to create your own luck. Keep your focus. Have a solid work ethic. Practice, practice, practice your craft. Most of us start by getting someone’s coffee. Do it with enthusiasm! Be the best coffee-go-getter-dude on the face of the planet. Make the effort to get better even if you’re the best. This will help you create opportunities where none existed.

Be optimistic! Think of success and failure as subjective ideas. You can’t gauge someone’s worth by the amount of nice things they own. Don’t let that get to you. You and only you are responsible for YOUR happiness. Find it in the simple things in daily life. Be courageous. Be yourself. Frolic in front of a framed picture of Michael J. Fox. It might help…

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  1. pantone175c
    17/02/2009 at 2:31 pm Permalink

    “Practice, practice, practice your craft.” Couldn’t agree more! It takes a lot of work to be good at something. Natural talent can only take you so far…

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