Dance Marathon 2009!

I was never more sore in my life!  Okay that’s a lie.  I’m sure I’ve been that sore after cheer camp or dance competitions in high school, but it’s been awhile.  Now don’t get me wrong, I work out every day and eight hours at Dance Marathon, the university’s campus philanthropy, shouldn’t have been any big deal, but you see, I broke my ass, well, almost.

It was a week before Dance Marathon.  The air was cold.  Everything around looked like crystal snowflakes.  And thousands of OU students jumped up and down like maniacs because we got not just one, but three snow days!  I played it cool.  I slept in, stayed inside, watched movies with my roommates, and just let my giddiness turn up to high.  Then Thursday came.

We all know what happened.  OU decided we were having too much fun, and school must begin again.  I grudingly woke up early, fixed my hair and makeup, and went to school.  The roads weren’t that bad, in fact things we’re melting, and as I drove to the commuter parking lot by the Huff I accepted that ‘yes, it was time to practice French and listen to lectures’.

Did I say things were melting?  I meant most things were melting, not the parking lot, or ice skating rink as I call it.  I hiked my bag over my shoulder with 20 minutes to walk across campus.  I thought to myself I’d make it on time even though I’d have to be careful.

Right at that moment, as I was thinking ‘be careful’,  time slowed, and I became a ridiculous cartoon character.  My legs flew out from underneath me, my arms flailed, and I landed on my tailbone not even five feet from my car.  Of course, no one was around to help me, so I desperately made my way back to my car and into the driver’s seat as horrible pain flooded my body, and I thought over and over ‘please, don’t let my ass be broken.  please don’t let my ass be broken!’

Several hours later, a doctor’s visit, and some prescribed drugs, I felt a lot better.  The x-ray declared that I only had deep muscle bruises, thank god!  But needless to say, I walked around like an 80-year-old for the next couple of days.  Then came Dance Marathon on Friday, a week and a day after my humiliation.

Did I let my sore buttocks keep me from dancing my socks off?  Hell, no!  I moved and grooved as a morale team member the whole night.  And let me tell you, it was a great time.  So many kids came to the Children’s Carnival.  There was a hypnotist, guest speakers, and most importantly dancing: hip hop dancing, line dancing, and every other move you could think off.

I have to say that even though my lovely deep muscle bruises were taunting me the entire night, I’m so glad I was at the OU event.  I especially loved dressing up according to our themed dance hours.  Just know that I’m a really cute hip hop ganster.  And the cap off to the night was learning we’d raised $80,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Of course, I’m vowing never, never to fall on my tailbone again, but waking up the next morning, completely exhausted was so worth it especially since I still had many prescription drugs left, lol!

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