More than eight months, so many days and so many more hours, yes, even as I write Lucy and Jack have been and still are canoodling.  I must state that I’m very happy my little Lucy has found someone to hold her hand and heart.   As her roommate, I’ve observed the ups and downs, shook my head at their little tiffs too many times to count, and when needed given Lucy the best advice I could.

Everyone must know that  I don’t get sick from sweetness when Jack comes over almost every night.  And they must know that I adore the fact that Lucy and Jack remind me of Ariel and Prince Eric.  That’s right, adore.  This being said  they are driving me crazy.

Really crazy,  It’s not because Lucy spends more time with Jack than me.  It’s not because I’m completely alone…I mean single.  Oh no, those are very small minute details compared to what’s bugging me.

See whenever I here, “So Lucy and her boyfriend are so cute,” my muscles tighten because I get to answer, “Oh, he’s not her boyfriend.  Just a guy that she’s seeing.”  Yeah, yeah, what’s the problem with that?  Nothing much, except that this response has become as common to me as my own name.  Yes, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve had to say this to a multitude of people.

Why wouldn’t they think Jack is Lucy’s boyfriend?  He only sees her, is over at our apartment constantly, has met the parents, took her out for Valentine’s, and searched all over town for a perfect birthday present.  I really shouldn’t care what they call each other.  I should just keep my opinions to myself, nod, and smile as I correct the rest of the world that ‘no, they’re not together’.  Boyfriend.  Girlfriend.  Those are just labels, right?

People hate labels: airhead, jock, drama queen, intellect.  As if being labeled one thing will change them negatively as a person.  “Don’t label me, buddy.  You don’t know me.  I’ve got layers.”  I feel like that’s how people respond to labels, and personally I think that’s silly because yes, you can be labeled ditsy, but maybe you’re also outgoing.  A person can pull off more than one label, just like a girl can pull off a Chanel jacket and Manolo heels.  It’s not all about the individual pieces; it’s all about the ensemble look.

If Lucy and Jack would ever wake up and realize what every one’s already thinking: they are, in fact, boyfriend and girlfriend, then maybe they’d also realize saying it out loud and too each other, in a sense ‘labeling’ each other as their significant other, won’t change who they are.   In fact it’ll add another layer to their relationship not take anything away.  Then again, I’m just the ‘no boyfriend in the near future’ girl, so what do I know.

*All names have been changed for privacy purposes

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  1. Lucy
    09/03/2009 at 4:36 pm Permalink

    OH my gosh! really?

  2. Mel
    12/03/2009 at 1:18 pm Permalink

    Great piece! And I also hate labels. At least you’re not in the middle of an undeclared war.

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