Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Over two days of withdrawals…I really don’t know how I made it.  I tried to visualize my happy place and imagine that I was standing in Dior looking at rows and rows of perfect high heels, but it didn’t help.  Out of habit I sat down at my computer and logged onto the internet only to be turned away.  That’s right I got a virus on my computer, and I lost all access to Facebook!

That was Thursday and now it’s Sunday and never have I been so disturbed as the past two and a half days.  I actually had to get into my car and come home today just so I could check all of my friends’ statuses.  This is when I realized I have a problem.  I have an unnatural reliance to my friend the internet networking system.

If I really think about it, I probably check my facebook at least eight times a day, spend countless hours online, and indulge in ‘stalking’ friends through statuses, photo albums, and videos.  Now stop rolling your eyes, I’m not your mother, and I’m not going to tell you this is unhealthy, I like it too much.  But I started to wonder what I would do without Facebook?  Could I survive?  How would I contact random friends?  And really what would fill the emptiness in my life?  I mean a girl can only imagine so many Dior shopping trips before she ends up in a department store with over two hundred dollars charged to her credit card.

Now take a deep breath I’m about to tell you a very scary story.  I once had a friend, well, she’s still my friend just not as close to me now as my 300-something friends on Facebook.  Anyways, Blondie as I like to call her, was just like any other adorable nineteen year old who paraded her life across the internet with  even more adorable albums titled “Beach Babes”, “Football Season”, “Spring Break”, etc.

Everything in Blondie’s life was as perfect as can be…I mean her relationship status said “In a Relationship”. Then one day, I logged into my account and tried to go to her profile to write on her wall, but her profile no longer existed.  That’s right, poof, out of nowhere just gone!  I slightly panicked, e-mailed, texted, and then called her.  Much to my dismay, okay, wait for it, this is really hard to say, but she…she deleted her profile on purpose!  Just up and said “I’m just too busy for this”.  I know, I know, I’m almost fell out of my chair when I heard, but once I regained my composer I convinced myself that she’d be back on in less than a week.

It’s been almost two years, she still hasn’t gotten back with the real world and compacted herself to fit into the Info section of a profile like the rest of us.  Yet, my Blondie is still having the time of her life while being as adorable as ever and not batting an eye when it comes to Facebook.

My mother would love for me to delete my account.  And I mean LOVE.  As she says almost every time I mention Facebook, “You’re only as safe as your friends are.  That’s what I heard on this news episode the other night and you could get stalked.  I’m serious. There are crazies everywhere!”  My usual reply is “Mooom!  I could get stalked just from walking across campus!”

I wish I could be like my friend Blondie and just let go of my addiction, but after an hour or so of contemplation I’ve decided I can’t.  Sure I get sick of the e-mail updates, and yes, it really makes me mad when they change the style of the network.  I even hate how it sucks up my time without me realizing it.  But what overrides all of those small annoyances is the fun!  Like favorite songs, funny movies, and ice cream, Facebook makes me smiles.  And for me that’s what matters most.

Now, I am going to try and cut back  I’ll limit myself to checking my profile to six…okay, seven times a day…that’s better than eight right!?!  I may even try to not create as many photo albums…one of my friends told me having over 60 was a bad thing.  But I’m not letting go of my fun just yet.  I just can’t and if this is an obsession, well, mom, I guess I’m just one of those crazies!  XOXO

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