On the Job Hunt!!

My name is Chris and it is my pleasure to be a new contributor to the Unwind Blog as time races towards Graduation!  I am a Psychology Senior on the ever-shortening road to graduation, 50 days and counting to be exact.  This semester, I have been searching across the spectrum to find a job that is right for me.  It has been an interesting search.  Along this journey I will document some of my job-searching experiences that hopefully will help.  You will see my accomplishments as well as some glaring failures.

For instance, how should one deal with an interviewer who is completely opposite from you?  I’m a pretty easy-going guy, and I find that being congenial and relaxed usually help the interview go more slowly.  However, the other day I found myself sitting in a stuffy room with some incredibly introverted people.  After a few minutes of trying to make good conversation, I realized that these individuals probably didn’t want to talk to me any more than they had to.  In fact, I think some of their questions were structured to be yes or no, and explanation was highly discouraged. It was unlike any interview I had ever been a part of.  Because of my extroverted nature, I kept trying to make a social connection with these guys, but it felt like I was digging an even deeper hole.

Long story short, I learned a few good things from this interview.  First, I was not that interested in the company I was applying for, but just meeting a few of their employees helped me realize that I probably wouldn’t fit into their corporate culture anyways.  Second, I realized that in interviews you have to be yourself.  That said, if you really want a job and find yourself in the interview chair, it may be beneficial to cater yourself to the conversation.  If you try to shift gears and things aren’t going well, you have to adapt.  I say adapt because you don’t have to change who you are or what you do, but altering your strategy to accommodate the situation can be a big help in the long run.

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