Tough Times Never Last

Hello my hungry job enthusiasts!  Career Queen Kathy Green here to soften the blow the economy has given us all.  With the deepest economic recession of this generation, I know you are concerned-and even quite worried-about job prospects following graduation. 

I can definitely tell you there is a different approach you should take as you hunt for the perfect job.  Competitiveness has always been apparent in landing that interview.  It’s more competitive now than it ever has been, so your job search will require more time and energy than you may want to put in, but that’s the difference between having a job and being homeless. 

Four Tips for a Tough Job Market

  • Do a double take of your goals. If you are flexible, you will see more opportunity. This is not a time to be a drama queen, or be picky.
  • Brainstorm. Discover different ways you can use your major! Think about “what if” scenarios, and definitely develop a backup plan.
  • Give it all you’ve got. Your success will depend on your energy, consistency, and persistence.
  • Network, Network, Network. Look beyond online postings and actually connect with people who can give you useful information, especially in the industry in which you are interested.


In a tight job market, with layoffs, hiring freezes, and salary caps, your success will depend largely on how well you use your resources, including what is offered at OU Career Services.    

  • Career Advising. Is available every Monday – Thursday from 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. or by appt.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review. Professionals that specialize in every type of resume and major, let them help you out.
  • Mock Interviews. Practice interviewing before your interview comes up…Career Advisers available to assist you with interviewing.
  • Career Fairs. Employers are still coming to Career Fairs looking for you. Where are all the applicants?
  • Online Resume Books. Upload your resume on HireSooner. Employers look at these and can call you for interviews…saves you work!
  • Online Job Board. Look for jobs on our HireSooner Job Board. Jobs are sorted by major, but check out majors close to yours.
  • Workshops. Short meetings preparing you on different topics, including dining etiquette, professional dress, and breaking into specialized industries.
  • Seminar Series. Seminars we offer before big events such as Career Fairs to prepare you to talk to employers.

From my experience and discussions with employers, making connections and leveraging your marketability provides a great advantage in being hired.  It would be unrealistic to think your OU degree will shield you from the economic realities facing all of us; although your OU education, coupled with competent knowledge of how to identify and compete for available positions, will give you a clear competitive advantage!

Good luck with your job search.  Contact me with any questions.

Your friend,

Career Queen Kathy Green

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