Time to be Epic!

In a week, school will be out. In a week, we’ll be FREE!

Only, we’ve allowed the stress and tedium of finals week get to us. Our brains are starting to burn out, and sometimes it’s all we can do to just turn the page of our textbook.

Doesn’t it look amazing outside? It’s all sunny and bright and beautiful. What a tease! Because, we all know if we go out and enjoy the weather, we’ll fail. Epic fail.

Well, I’m here to blow your mind.


Studying is all good. It’ll smarten you up and everything!

But, studying 24/7 will mentally ruin you. It’ll burn you out and make you exhausted and cranky.

In fact, I not only recommend going outside and breathing fresh air, but having fun! I don’t mean for you to spend your money on a movie or a book for fun. I mean kid fun.

Play tag, and hide-and-go-seek, and have sword fights.

Better yet, have lightsaber fights. Epic battles will definitely relieve stress! We’re not too old to have kid-type fun and we’re NEVER too old to have a good epic battle.

In fact, my friend and I recently had an epic lightsaber battle on campus corner. I lost miserably. But for a few short minutes, we no longer worried about tests and grades and our futures. We were just having fun.

Tag and hide-and-go-seek are classic games that anyone can get into. So, drag out a group a friends (save them the ruin of 24/7 studying) and play.

 Don’t forget that it’s summer (slash spring)! It’s time to go swimming, ride bikes, have epic battles, and sun bathe.

Sure, finals are next week, and, yeah, that’s stressful – but summer’s here, now! So get outside, relieve that stress, and have some fun!

Now!   🙂

Told you I’d blow your mind.

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