The Funnies

It’s Finals Week!  It’s hectic.  It’s crazy.  You’re studying until 2:00 a.m., no 3:00 a.m, hell, maybe you’re pulling an all-nighter.  I’m sure you’re brain is so full of foreign languages, political arguments, chemical equations, and enough panic to fill a chasm that you probably won’t think twice or even once about checking out Unwind anytime soon.

I understand, I mean I haven’t graduated yet.  One final on Friday at 1:30 p.m. here I come.  It’s cruel really that my only final is on the day I graduate.  Stop shaking your head in exasperation or clenching you’re fists in anger.  I did in fact say one final, but I also had to write a feature length film this semester as well as turn in a twenty page introduction to a hundred page portfolio, thank you very much!

I understand your despair and am keeping this blog short and light-hearted, so that if you are procrastinating and really do want to unwind this entry can help you avoid reality.  I present you: The Funnies or at least an attempt at a variety of humor that should satisfy the crass, innocent, and cynical.  And promise me that if you’re reading this, you’ll wil go back to killing yourself…I mean studying for finals when you’re done laughing.  Good Luck, XOXO!

1.  Motherlover

Check out this hilarious SNL video short that was here just in time for Mother’s Day and features Justin Timberlake.

2.  Smudgy Finger Paint

Check out this blog of adorable yet hilarious children’s stories that show what life is like through the eyes of those who haven’t been tainted by homework, forced memorization, and of course finals.  Here’s an excerpt:

Flying Through One Ear and Out the Other
We were learning about Indian tribes in class and took time to focus on the Plains Indians talking about how they lived in tepees and hunted buffalo. When I asked the class later that day, what we had learned, Zeek blurted out, “the Airplane Indians!”

3.  Paris, Heiress No More

If after checking out the above, you’re still feeling angry at the world for cursing you with five finals then think about this: at least your not blonde and broke.  Of all the embarrassing things our favorite limelight glutton, Paris Hilton, has gone through, this has to be one of the worst.  What will she do if she isn’t famous for no reason?  I guess she’ll still have her perfume.  Love or Loathe these rumors.

4.  Oink! Oink!

This is in honor of my roommate, Lucy.  If you’re like her then you’ve kept your roommates, suite mates, best friends, parents, pet dog, all updated on the horror of the Swine Flu.  I guess I should appreciate the random text messages that she sent me to let me know when and then where the first case of Swine Flu occurred in Oklahoma.  Way to ruin my love of Wilbur.

5.  Rap Videos

There’s just something about people who should never try to utter a syllable resembling rap that’s hillarious.  In another SNL video short, Natalie Portman reveals what she really is: a badass Harvard-educated pothead rapper.  Want to laugh even more then get crazy and create your own video like my two lovely friends did and posted it on Facebook.

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