Family–I guess I’ll keep mine

Hi everyone!

     I know that I missed you all last Monday, but I had a good excuse:  I’d just graduated…and let’s just say it took more than Sunday for me to recover from my graduation party.  Now it’s been a week, so here’s an update. 

I’m still terrified about my future, but that fear is combined with a sense that I could do anything, yeah, anything.  This combination of feelings is taking me for a wild ride–some moments I’m very hopeful, excited, ready to take on the world while other moments I fight back tears.

What’s the cure for this mess of an emotional state I’m in?  I asked myself.  Really loud Alice Cooper curteousy of Rock Band?  A permanently attached at my arm seventh grade boy who buys me necklaces out of the quarter machine?  A skinny-legged man running around with his shorts pulled up to his chest like an eighty-year-old man?  Loud, loud, loud?  And crazy, crazy, crazy?

What am I talking about?  Oh, just a typical weekend with my family.  My cousins butchering any melody to be found in Alice Cooper.  My other cousin, Llyod, showering me with gifts (he’s way better than any other guy in my life right now) because I’m his favorite.  And my skinny-legged dad acting ridiculous just to make everyone laugh.

I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding on ABC Family a week or so ago, and while my family isn’t as intrusive or obnoxious as Toula’s, they’re loud, crazy, and have way too many shenanigans up their sleeves for their own good.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s Memorial Day weekend.  I’m not at the lake, which is where most of you are, I’m sure.  Instead, I’m in Muskogee, OK at my grandmother’s house.  But that’s okay with me.

Yes, I’m sitting here writing this while anticipating the next insane incident to occur (at least it’s not Fourth of July–I’ve seen my uncles almost die due to rockets, people).  But I love my family.  I love the craziness.

The craziness makes me smile, relax, feel at home, and let’s me know that in this big world with all its options, choices, hope, fear, I’ve got people that care.  So, this weekend do remember those that have fought for your country, but appreciate your family too. 

Have fun, don’t trade them in, and thank god that you’re family isn’t anything like mine or Toula’s that its yours: your own crazy, silly, wonderful family–I’m gonna go eat a juicy hamburger right off of my uncle’s grill. XOXO

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