Deliciousness on Campus

When campus is empty, and school’s out, I feel like I visit the place less and less. I’ve no reason to be other there, so I just stick to my side of town. And that’s sad, really. There are quite a number of places on campus that are delightful, and it’s a loss to forget them.

Such as the exciting restaurant Freebirds World Burritos (warning: not meant for indecisive people). It’s located off of Asp Ave., next to La Luna. And Freebirds is all about you and your taste buds.

Freebirds is easily noticed by its Statue of Liberty riding a motorcycle statue. But it’s most memorable by the taste.

This burrito restaurant serves customized burritos – from size, tortilla type, meat fillings, bean and rice types, sauce and vegetables.

And their burritos aren’t the only items you can customize. Salads, nachos, tacos, and burrito bowls are also made to how you like them. And for you queso fans, don’t panic! Freebirds also offers yummy queso and salsa. 

With 19 locations around Texas, the Freebirds on Campus Corner is the only in Oklahoma. So, it’s a given, you’ve got to go! The Freebirds on Asp Ave. is the only one in Oklahoma! And it’s here, on our campus. You gotta go now. It’s special.

And, well, it’ll delight your taste buds! And you want to delight them, don’t you?

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