Job Interviews (one down, oh so many more to go)

I had to wake up at 6:30 this morning!  That’s right, way too early for any other twenty-something that’s enjoying summer–probably even before the freakin’ rooster crows.  I was dreaming of James Marsden, I’m sure.  But after hitting my snooze at least three times, I made myself grudgingly get out of bed all for a job interview.

Ack!  An interview.  You’d think nerves would have helped jolt start my morning, but no.  I didn’t have to run around my room like a lunatic trying to get ready though.  I knew I’d hit my snooze several times and therefore set my alarm heinously early.

Back to the job interview, don’t you love those?  Now,  I’m not trying to sound ungrateful.  I mean my first interview within only two weeks of graduating, I think is pretty darn hopeful.  But you know, interviews are full of pressure, stress, an immaculate first appearance, topnotch resume, and the lovely task of selling yourself.

As I told my mother, interviews are just like live performances.  The boardroom or wherever you interview is your stage, and the point of an interview is to entertain.  Entertain your audience, I mean interviewer with the idea you’re the best for the position.  It’s all just a song and dance, smoke and mirrors, filled with wonderful judgment and critique.  We all want to make our ‘performance’ standout and get five gold stars.

This being said, I wasn’t too worried about my interview with a sports and entertainment marketing company–I won’t deny it, I’ve always loved the spotlight.  But my stomach still fluttered as I glanced one last time at my professional ensemble, adjusted my Blair Waldorf-esk headband, and headed out my front door.

After a forty minute drive to the city, I’d reached my destination and checked-in with the receptionist (thank god, the place wasn’t hard to find!).  Then I waited and waited.  Okay, I probably only waited for ten minutes (I was early), but it felt like thirty minutes, at least…did I say I wasn’t worried?

When I was finally introduced to Mr. So and So, my interviewer, I was definitely ready to get the whole thing over with…guess what in less than ten minutes it was, yeah, over.

Now I didn’t make a complete fool out of myself.  I presented myself with first-rate professionalism (I always loved mirrors).  And I answered the only question he had for me with a smile on my face.  So, what was with the ‘wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am’, ‘in and out’, ‘oh no, we’re not throwing you out the door as soon as you sit down in the chair’ interview?

They needed a face with a name–to get an initial quick assessment of my professionalism, intelligence, and fit with their company.  They plan to have hopeful applicants shadow the employee in a similar position to get a feel for the job and see if the applicant can handle what would be expected of them…so, in other words my ‘performance’ hasn’t even begun.

Why am I telling you all this?  If you’re not lying by the pool all day or traipsing across Europe right now, then you might be in a similar job hunting position.  I figure no one wants to feel like they’re at it alone.  So if you encounter one of those ten minute initial interviews, don’t feel discouraged.  It could be followed by another interview or shadowing an employee or just the achievement of more interview experience.

Hey, I know the next time I’m asked, “What three qualities do I look for in a business?”, that was my one question, I won’t even have to think.  I’ve answered that one before.  We all know it’s about first impressions, so look good, have a positive attitude, and I truly believe if you’re yourself, interviewers will be more receptive to your confidence.

To sum it up, make every minute count.  I know I’ll probably be at this job searching thing for awhile, but I’m gonna keep my chin up and remind myself that every interview is a performance, so I’ve got to get better with practice, right?  I’ll let you know how the job shawdowing interview part two goes.  Wish me luck.  XOXO

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